How to Use Hola Free VPN Browser for Android Phone

Have you ever wanted to access a website only to find that your country was blocked from accessing such website? Have you ever tried to use a service like PayPal and found that your country is not allowed to use the service? Have you ever wanted to access the Internet without leaving a trace of information like your current location? One thing holds the answer to your question and that’s using a Virtual private network (VPN).

How to Use Hola Free VPN Browser for Android Phone

A VPN allows you to open any website using the IP address of any country you desire. For example, as at the time of this post Nigerians are not allowed to use PayPal for receiving money. Hence, the only remedy for this will be to create a US PayPal account or of any other country and then use a VPN to access it. You get the gist?


Hola is a free VPN you can use to access any website of your choice. When it comes to using a VPN on Android Devices, Hola VPN is our pick. This is because Aside offering you a powerful browser, Hola VPN for mobile allows you to open any app using the country IP address of your choice.

Let’s assume you are operating a USA based Fiverr account as a Nigerian, you are not just limited to using Hola’s browser, you can open the fiverr app through Hola browser without raising suspicion.


To use Hola VPN on Android Devices you need to install it from the Google play store.
Upon installation you simply open it and chose the country’s IP address you want to use by tapping it flag at the top left corner. And you are free to go.

In subsequent post we will discuss how to open any app through Hola VPN. Till then stay tuned.