You don’t have worry much on a instagram message you wish to unsend, you can still unsend the message and delete the photo or video sent with the instagram direct. Is it that you mistakenly sent the wrong photo or video message to a friend or you sent the messages to the wrong person ?

Thank God that in this Life of ours where pencils were made and at the same time, erasers were created 🙂 , what am trying to say implies to the recent introduction of instagram direct.

Instagram direct is a private messaging service recently introduced to the instagram application which enable users to send photos and video messages privately.

How to send photo & video messages to friends with instagram direct ?

Have already discussed this here ;

Now the question went viral !

How to unsend Instagram direct messages ( Delete Photo/Video Messages )

Messages can be deleted at any time but what really matters most is having it done successfully which means deleting the messages before the recipient opens it. Thats the reason why you have to be fast enough to prevent the person you send the photo or video message from seeing the message before you unsend it.

So to unsend instagram direct messages ;

– Open the message you want to delete
– Tap the ellipsis next to the comment field under the message ( being photo or video )
– Now click on the “delete this post” and confirm.

So simple !

Note ; obviously, after sending the message in the first instant, the recipient will receives a notification that you sent a message but after unsending the message ( i.e delete the photo/video ) , the notification will be unaccessible. So don’t be suprise if you find it difficult to access a notification which is unaccessible.