How To Partition a Laptop Hard Drive

Partition is the situation where computer hard disk is being divided into different volumes. Partition is like dividing a classroom into two or three classes.


There are many reason for partitioning a system :
  • You can partition a system to make the new volume to back up your files to avoid loss of files.
  • Partitioning a system helps in case your system crash where formatting may be the only solution to it, but if u have partitioned your system, you can format only the local disk and leave the volume where you kept all your vital files that you can`t avoid to lose.
  • We partition system at times to install new operating system alongside our everyday window like window 7, where u can install new users friendly window “Window Xp” Or you can decide to install professional window like Ubuntu Or Linux.

Lets now get to business…

How To Partition Your Hard Drive

There are two common ways to partition a hard disk;

(1) The first method is carry out the first time when you are installing a new operating system which will in one step ask if you want to partition the disk…

(2) For the second method, let assume you have already install your window but due to lack of idea about the partition you ignore it, you can as well partition your system after the window installation:

partition computer hardisk


  • Open the run dialog box by pressing “window key + R” on your desktop, which will bring a dialog box, then put “diskmgmt.msc” in the provided box and press “enter”.
  • Right-Click on the hard disk you want to partition which is the LOCAL DISK (C).
  • You can now select “shrink volume” from the menu and the utility will begin to query the hard disk for the available shrink volume but this will take some few seconds
  • After which you will click on shrink and follow the instructions that follows
  • After shrinking, you will see the disk space as the unallocated , right click on this and select from the menu “New Simple Volume” follow by next and you will reach a stage where you will format the new volume if you want to save your file there but you can as well choose not to format if you want to use the new partition for another Operating System
  • Lastly, press finish to create the new partition and that’s all.

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    i'll have to leave this work for another time, been busy right now… great post.
    why don't you consider sticking to one color in posts, except if you want to highlight a very important point. that should look more matured

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