How To Install TuTu Helper App On iOS 10 Without Jailbreak

Many of iPhone users are not fond of jailbreaking their device as it can mess with their iPhone. As you know jailbreaking allows you to access to various apps, tweaks and customizations that are not available on the stock iOS version. However, you can still enjoy some of jailbreak features without needing to jailbreak your iOS device.

Now, a third-party app, known as TuTu Helper is now available, thanks to people who developed TuTu. The app gives you the ability to install ‘hacked’ apps on your iOS device. If you want to install this interesting app, you should follow the guide below. Here are step by step on how to install it on your iPhone.

Steps to Install Tutu App on iPhone/iPad Without Jailbreak

  • From your iPhone, iPad or iPod, launch the Safari browser and access to the TuTu app’s website from here
  • When the site is successfully loaded, you just tap the Download button in the blue color. However, you should note that there would be two options: Regular and Vip. If you want to use it free, before tapping on the Download button, select the Regular option.
  • Once you have tapped on the Download button, then tap the Install button to popup a settings screen.
  • Next, the site will begin to install the app on your iPhone, and would appear an icon in the Home Screen as you download an app normally. However, don’t launch the app as it will display an error message saying ‘Untrusted Enterprise Developer’. To fix this error, just go to the Settings and then tap on General.
  • Here, scroll down and tap the Device Management -> tap on the name of the developer, and select Trust on the certificate screen. For lower iOS version than iOS 10, the steps will be Settings > General > Profile & Device Management.

Now, go back to your screen where the TuTu App has already installed and open it. You will now see the library of many apps, features, and tweaks. From, look for your favorite apps you want that you are not able to do so on before.