I was online about a week ago when i received messages from some 2go users, asking me how i came about becoming a 2go professional within a month but i keep telling them that there is no technique for it but they feel somehow depress that am deceiving them…..So i now decide to make it my first blog….


1.  Novice
2.  Amateur
3.  Senior
4.  Enthusiast
5.  Professional
6.  Expert
7.  Leader
8.  Veteran
9.  Master

     To now make a fast way to reach any desire star depends on how you want it…..Here are some useful steps you need

1. Make sure you stay online as long and possible…
2. Update your status regularly ….I know you witness some of your pals in 2go updating their status about thrice a day but you think that na only joke, although some are with this intention but they are few, just to make improvement in 2go star
3. Contribute regularly to 2go chat rooms whereas you can chat with your online friends
4. But the main tips is staying online through the night by leaving your phone on while still on 2go till the next day but to avoid disturbances from your friend, you can change your presence to AWAY and you can as well stay online during the day whenever you are busy…

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    2go Cheat: How to increase your 2go star progress using Booster
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    What You should know about 2go Stars
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    1. Login to your 2go account: Each time you login to your 2go
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    2. Buy 2go Credits: Each time you also increase your 2go credit either
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    3. Spend 2go credits: The more you spend your 2go credit, the more
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    1. Appear Offline: change your online presence to offline or better
    still away when you are online, this will give 2go the impression that
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