It happens sometimes when you have no other option than to boot your computer from a CD, DVD, or BD instead of the normal booting from the computer hard disk  most of the time you boot your computer from a cd is when you want to run memory testing programs, password recovery tools and even the common moment is when you’re planning to reinstall Windows or run repair tools like a Startup Repair or Recovery Console which require to boot from a cd.

To Boot computer from a cd, follow the bellow steps ;

  • First and foremost, shutdown your computer and On it back, now ready to read and act fast because the (usually black) screen that first appears will say something like “Press [key1] to enter setup, or [key2] to change boot order”. Quickly, press [key2]. It will usually be one of the F1-F12 keys depends on the type of computer.
  • Now Change the boot order in BIOS so the CD, DVD, or BD drive is listed first and save. though some computers are already configured this way but many are not.
  • You can now insert the cd which you want your computer to boot from,then restart your computer through the On/Off button.
  • When booting from a Windows setup disc, and some other bootable discs as well, you may be prompted with a message to press a key to boot to the disc. To boot from the disc, you’ll need to press any key on your keyboard (like the space bar) within the few seconds that the message is on the screen and If you do nothing, your computer will check for boot information on the next boot device in the list but some bootable discs do not prompt for a key press and will start immediately.
  • Your computer should now boot from the CD, DVD, or BD disc,you can now Proceed with your operating system install, system recovery, or whatever you needed the boot CD for.

Note ; After changing your boot order to CD, DVD, or BD drive first, your computer will check that drive for a bootable disc each time your computer starts. Leaving your PC configured this way is not advisable if you always leave a disc in the drive all the time because it slower the rate at which your computer will load, but if there is no cd,it will load normally.

Now your thought, have you try this process before or you know another way to boot a computer from a cd , let me hear from you through the comment box

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