In this post, we’ll show you the possible ways to remove ads on your apps and games of your Android device. Whether ads appear in your browser, apps, and games. There are various ways to remove the annoying ads, and you can choose the best method for you.

Although we know ads are unavoidable for free apps, they’re still frustrating. If you are looking for a solution to say goodbye to your experience, here are a few different methods to remove the annoying ads. Both methods work for rooted and unrooted phones. Some are as simple as installing an adblocker.

How to Block Ads on Non-rooted Android Devices

The first method, also one of the best methods, does not require rooting your Android phone. If you have never heard about root, simply proceed with the steps below.

There is an app, called DNS66, which will use the inbuilt VPN service on your Android phone to delete ads at a DNS level. You sound difficult, don’t worry, here is how to do so.

After opening DNS66 app, it will not run in the background all the time. It can filter any ads on your Android apps and browser. By this way, you will have better battery life and there are no ads. Other apps require the root access and drain your battery, this app is not. It usually receives updates from developers.

Tutorial to install DNS66 on your Android phone

  • On your phone, try to enable Developer Options menu in the Settings app.
  • Go to Settings > Security and toggle on Unknown Sources
  • Now, you need to download DNS66 on your Android device
  • Launch the app and skip the introduction of the app
  • Tap on the Domain Filters tab at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap on each filter, except for the fifth option.
  • Select the refresh button
  • Wait for a few seconds until the ad-block filters can download
  • Click on the Start/Stop tab
  • Press firmly the Power button to start the process.
  • Hit OK button to grant the access for VPN connection

DNS66 will not connect to a remote VPN. It will use inbuilt the VPN feature on your Android device to remove the ads.

While you still see ads at the top and bottom of apps you are using, you will no longer see the annoying ads on your devices. You can also create a list of apps with ads on your phone if necessary. If your phone is running on Android Nougat or higher version, your apps will be prevented from automatically updating on Play Store. To update your apps, just disable the filter, start installing your updates, and then enable it again.

Block Web Browser Ads

If you worry about third-party apps like the one above, you can try a new browser. It’s useful if you see pop-ups and ads when opening Samsung Internet or the Chrome browser on your Android phone.

Do you know how to download a new web browser to get rid of adds? If you are looking for a safe browser, then consider AdBlock Browser. You can easily download it from the Google Play Store to browse the internet on your Android phone.

AdBlock Browser for Android is easy-to-use and customizable when you have full control for your browser. It’s a good replacement for Chrome browser with a ton of ads blocked. You will have a faster browsing experience, save the battery life and mobile data.

There is also an On/Off switch for you. If your recently visited websites do not come with too many ads, you can turn the blocker off while you are at those sites.

To use AdBlock Browser, simply install it from the Google Play Store, and open the app from your Home screen. You can set it as your default browser and you are done. Although the browser cannot remove all the ads on the websites, it still gives you a better experience without the hassle.

How to Block Ads on Rooted Android Devices

If your Android device has been rooted, you should consider using Adaway to block ads in apps and browser. It’s currently one of the most popular apps that are claimed to block ads effectively. Although the app was removed from the Google Play Store, you can still find it on popular websites like XDA Developers.

Adaway has the same functions to other ad-blocker apps. However, it will block servers distributing the actual ads, instead of them. Thus, all the ads in apps and games will be blocked completely. Just download and install Adaway that is available here to find out more.

Disable Google Chrome Popup Ads

If you feel annoyed with the pop-ups and notifications in the Chrome browser, there is a solution to fix it. You are not able to control Chrome notifications, do not worry, read on to solve it. It’s a good solution in case you still want to use Google Chrome over other browsers available on the Play Store.

If there is a notification or popup from Chrome, but you do not want to pull down the notification bar to see it, simply tap on the Site settings icon in the left corner of the notification. Next, tap on Notifications. Tap on the “block/allow” button to disable it and you will never be annoyed by those notifications and popups anymore.

You can also open the Google Chrome browser, tap on the three-dot menu button at the top right and choose Settings > Site Settings > Notifications. From there, you will see a list of all notifications. Now, choose and delete any notifications you want. And you are done.

The process is the same to Samsung Internet browser for those who are using a Galaxy device.

Above is the possible methods to block ads on Android devices. If it works for you, let’s know in the comment below.