How I Root My Infinix Zero X506

Some days ago, I got my infinix zero ordered from Konga delivered to me, after unboxing the package, am so pleased with what I saw because it’s more even than what am expecting though with a little problem, The battery! I know some using it already will say the capacity, not really that because am contented with that before going for it but the fact that is in-built makes it a little awkward. Believe me, the phone is really sexy 😉

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This is not an infinix zero review but rather a tutorial where I will explain how I root My Infinix Zero. In this article, I will be explaining how to root Infinix Zero X506 8Gb and how to root Infinix Zero X506 16Gb.

Most people that bought infinix zero are definitely looking for a method to root the phone, with the infinix Zero x506 8gb able to be root with a one click method, that’s really simple but that of Infinix Zero x506 16gb always prove unrootable, don’t give up on it yet because I too almost did, here is a solution 🙂

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How To Root Infinix Zero x506 8GB

Step 1 : Download Root Genius to your Pc

Step 2 : Enable USB Debugging on your Infinix Phone. To enable USB debugging, go to Settings > Developers option > USB Debugging and Enable.

Step 3 : Now connect your Android device to the computer, once is connected, root genius will automatically detect your phone.

Step 4 : Click on “Root It” button to start the rooting process.

Step 5 : Root Genius will automatically root your Infinix Phone.

And Thats All!

How To Root Infinix Zero x506 16GB

Unfortunately enough, there is no one-click method that work for infinix zero x506 16gb, even root genius only succeeded in rooting Infinix Zero x506 8GB, so you can’t use this method for Infinix Zero 16GB.

To root infinix zero x506 16Gb, you will need ;

– MTK Vcom drivers or PdaNET


– MTK droid root and tools v2.5.3

– Adb n fastboot properly configured on ur PC.

If you don’t have these, download it here (Have put all the tools i used to root mine in one zip file)

Now, this is how its being done ;

1.  Enable USB Debugging on your Infinix Phone. To enable USB debugging, go to Settings > Developers option > USB Debugging and Enable.

2. Extract the file you download

2. Run adb-setup-1.3.exe, it will ask if you want to install adb and fastroot , type Y and press Enter key on your keyboard, keep doing this for the next 2 questions too to continue to the driver installation wizard, then install the driver.

3. Plug in your Infinix phone

4. Click on the main folder of the extracted file, hold shift and right click on it, then select “open command prompt here

5. Type “adb devices” and hit enter, If u see a serial number then you are good to go.

6. Type “adb reboot bootloader“. Your phone should reboot into fastboot mode .

7. Type “fastboot devices” , if u get a serial, then type “fastboot flash boot boot. Img” if procedures complete, now type “fastboot reboot”

8. Inside the folder Mtkdroid, Open MTK droid root and tools, your phone should connect in shell mode. Goto root and backup tab. Select recovery with “to select files from phone ” say yes to all the prompts and when it says to load phone in recovery click no.

9. Now select Superuser, press yes to any prompts then select SuperSu when asked for the root app to install.

10. When it’s done, copy from the folder to your phone sdcard. Then
Reboot into recovery and flash

And Thats All!

Have you ever root any infinix zero? kindly share your experience

If you have any problem rooting your infinix zero, use the comment box and i will try and help as fast as possible.

Updated!!! Due to Readers complain, the download link for the package has been updated

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  1. Hi, Dawtech

    I have Infinix zero x506 16Gb, when try to flashing ROM, my phone become dead what could do for reborn my phone. is it any way to reborn my phone please send reply as soon as possible.

    Please help me im in deep trouble because phone is not mine.!!

    Thanking You

  2. Hi, dawatech.
    My infinix phone doesn’t detect network anymore, it just keeps saying emergency calls only. And whenever it manages to detect network, I can’t make or receive calls with it? Please what can I do to it? I’ve done factory reset but to no avail. At first I thought it was my Sim, but I’ve tried many Sim cards on it, still d same.

  3. Hi dawatech… I really appreciate ur skills here… I actually rooted my infinix 2gb b4 buh i had to unroot it when I had to take it 2 calcare 4 repairs.. When I finished unrooting the font of my phone didn’t go back to normal and I’m suspecting it didn’t unroot properly… Buh using all root checkers it says my phone isn’t rooted… After repairs I tried using d same app kingroot that I used b4 buh it’s not working anymore… Any advice on that?
    And when I was using ur method after running add setup. Exe it wasn’t showing my phones serial number so I went to install d driver manually (long story).. Den I tried it again and it worked… When I got to step 7…i wasn’t seeing the serial no… Please wat can I do?
    Thanks for taking ur time 2 read dis and thanks in advance for your reply

  4. 7. Type “fastboot devices” , if u get a serial, then type “fastboot flash boot boot. Img” if procedures complete, now type “fastboot reboot”
    I’m not getting the serial number after my infinix zero goes in to fastmode.. Please is there any help I can get from you?