Top Hidden iOS 13 Features For iPhones

iOS 13 beta has officially been rolled out with a bold new look, and especially the new dark mode. However, it does not stop there. There are a few redesigns for Apple inbuilt apps- better privacy controls and other small features we might not be expecting. Here are the best iOS 13 features for iPhone.

Best iOS 13 Features for iPhone

Before you start digging into the best iOS 13 features, you should first know if your iPhone is compatible with iOS 13 version. Here is the list of supported iPhones with iOS 13 version.

iOS 13 Compatible iPhones

  • 2019 iPhone Models
  • iPhone Xs
  • iPhone Xs Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone SE

System Dark Mode

iPhones come with a great new look with the Dark mode in iOS 13. Dark Mode extends from dynamic wallpaper, lock screen, widgets to the inbuilt apps.

You can enable the Dark mode manually from Control Center or schedule to turn it on based on your preferred time. Once the feature is enabled, you will see it everywhere, including your apps. If third-party developers update their apps to iOS 13 APIs, they can automatically switch to the dark theme inside them.

New Photo App

The Photo app viewing and editing experience have been redesigned in iOS 13. It now has a beautiful dark mode with focusing on the photos first.

There will be sub tabs for Days, Months and Years in the Photos tab. You can now use pinch to zoom gesture when seeing a photo. Tapping on the Days tab will remove all the clutter from the library and all the best photo will be shown up for the day. Your screenshots, photos of receipts or any texted inside the photo can be hidden.

With the Years tab, it will show a photo from a particular day across the past years.

A New Reminders App

In iOS 13, Apple has redesigned the Reminders app from the ground up and the app is getting more modern now. The app now supports natural language input. All you need is to start typing your reminder and the app will automatically figure out the reminder part, the created date, and the place.

There is also a new toolbar for you to quickly add more details such as time, date, location, photos and documents to your reminders.

You can also find a new Smart Lists feature, which will organize all your reminders and then automatically put them into groups, including Flagged, Scheduled and Today.

Sign in With Apple

Sign in With Apple is a smart way to protect your personal information when you sign into a new website or service. When selecting the Sign in with Apple button, the app cannot collect any of your personal data without knowing your name, email, phone number. You are authenticated with Face ID and that’s it.

If there is an app requiring an email, you can select the option to hide your real email address. Apple will then automatically create a random email for the given app and forward emails to your real email so that you can check them.

Improve Privacy Controls

iOS 13 is much stricter with who access your location. You can now opt to allow location for an app only once. You will receive alerts if an app is using your location data in the background. iOS 13 will blocks apps from accessing metadata for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on your iPhone so they cannot use that to estimate your current location, giving you better security.

Siri Improvements

Siri’s voice is new in iOS 13 when it just uses Neural text to generate the voice. It will be much smoother and easier on the ears. AirPods are also supported better by Siri. When you receive a message, Siri will automatically read it to you and you can opt for replying instantly.

Siri on the HomePod is also improved in iOS 13 when it can now recognize several users. Multi-user support will be available for music, calendar, and other features.

New Maps Features

iOS 13 has brought a wind of change for Maps app. When opening it, you will see a row of the frequently searched places at the bottom. You can easily customize it to add your favorite locations that you usually go to.

There is also a new Collections feature, allowing you to create a collection of several places and even add photos to them. This feature is pretty helpful if you are going to plan a trip. Maps app also lets you share the collection from the navigation screen on the app. In the launch event of iOS 13, Apple has revealed the remapping project as well. When the official version of iOS 13 is released, the Maps app will cover the whole United State.

Apple also added a Street View-like feature, which is called Look Around to the redesigned Maps app.

New Memoji

Memoji creation in the new iOS 13 version is much more diverse now. There are now new hairstyles, headwear, piercings, as well as accessories.

However, the best part here is that you can find new Memoji Stickers everywhere. Your iPhone just needs to be powered by an A9 chip or higher (iPhone 6S or later), you can easily create a Memoji from the Messages app. After a Memoji is created, Apple will automatically create a sticker pack your Memoji. You can see this sticker app in the Messages app and it is integrated directly into the keyboard of your iPhone.

iOS 13 allows you to send Memoji Stickers even in third-party apps like WhatsApp and WeChat.

New Volume and Silent Mode HUD

After several years, Apple has finally changed the Volume HUD and the ringer HUD on their new iOS 13 version. When pressing the Volume buttons, the volume indicator will show up in the top-left corner, instead of in the middle of the screen. Although it’s still full size at first press, clicking on the volume button the second time will shrink it.

The Silent Mode HUD will now show up at the top in the form of a pill-shaped drop-down.

Better Health App

Health app has also been modified in iOS 13 to show you off highlights of your recent activities as well as give insight into your health and fitness. There will be your favorite data at the top of the screen, but when scrolling down, you can see insights from the app quoting your health data.

Simply tap in the Search button and it will switch to a specific feature. From there, you can find a completely new Cycle Tracking feature, which is created to track women’s menstrual cycles. It includes period reminder, logging details and more.

Real Download Manager in Safari

One thing that many iPhone users would never be possible was a download manager. However, everything has changed now. A download manager feature is already integrated with the Files app.

When opening a link that is a download, there will be a popup on the screen. Just tap on the Download button and you will see a new Downloads tab. Tap on it to start the download. Once the process is done, tap on it to play the video preview. After that, tap on the Magnifying glass icon to see the file in the Files app. You will see all files saved to the downloads folder locally.

Better Share Sheet

Apple has been working hard to improve Share Sheet across iOS version. And now in iOS 13, you’ll see intelligent suggestions at the top of the screen for sharing the data with contact through iMessage or AirDrop.

The actions tab has also been redesigned into a vertical scrolling list, making it to be available actions shown by default. You can easily keep scrolling downwards to find out an action.

iOS 13: Little Annoyances

iOS 13 is still a release of small new features. Here are just a few annoyances that it helps fix.

Gesture typing: Use gestures to easily type on the iPhone just with one hand.

Share Audio with two AirPods: You can play music on your iPhone with two different AirPods.

If you are interested in iOS 13 version, you can download and install iOS 13 beta right now to check it out on your iOS device.