Tips & Tricks To Help Your Windows 10 PC Run Smoothly

Your Windows computer becomes more slowly year after year due to several reasons. You PC is not as fast as it was back when you first owned it. But you can make your computer run smoothly like it’s new again just by doing some adjustments. Here are 5 tips & tricks you should do to keep your Windows 10 PC running smoothly.

Always Keep Your Computer Updated

You should not only update your Windows 10 operating system but also update 3rd party software on your computer. If you feel it’s difficult to manage all of the updates, you could try the best driver updater.

Updating the party software doesn’t only help in improving the security on your computer, but optimize it for better performance as well. The outdated drivers can cause some bugs, crashes, extreme slowdowns, and more. Microsoft always tries to make Windows OS better. So, if you see any update on your PC, just click on it to install the update on your computer.

Manage Start-up Programs

There are various programs that will automatically launch when your computer boots up. It also means that they will require the hardware resources are required. Data will be written into your RAM, and the CPU has to process all of the apps without the basic data loaded from your OS.

If you are using a mid-range computer/laptop with 4GB RAM, a Core i3 CPU processor, and an HDD disk, the start-up programs will come with a big impact on the performance of your PC.

But you can easily prevent these programs from automatically launching on the bootup with the help of the task manager. All you need is just right-clicking on the taskbar, select “task manager”, click “start-up”. From here, stops the programs from launching on boot.

Stay Away From Malware

All of us know to stay away from malware, but knowing how to do that is not easy. The computer security is honestly a big subject on its own.

Installing an Antivirus and an Anti-Malware is thought to protect your computer better. But in fact, we don’t encourage you to install two security programs at once. You should only apply if two security programs are the same kind. Antivirus and Anti-Malware programs could detect your PC from different kinds of threats, which is why they have a better result in the overall security. Using MalwareFox software as an Anti-Malware and Windows Defender as an Antivirus is a great budget pack.

Manage Disk Space

Running out of disk space can cause several problems. You are not able to get the updates installed, if your disk runs out of space, or you cannot install any third party software.

That’s importantly why you have to manage the disk space and ensure there are at least a few gigabytes left for your hard drive.

The first thing you should do is uninstalling programs and deleting files that you no longer want. Programs normally don’t take too much space, but they might be a problem in case your disk just has a small capacity. Apart from your programs, there are also files that are difficult to file in order to free up a considerable amount of space.

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Upgrade to an SSD drive

Although this solution costs you a few bucks, it’s absolutely a method that’s worth it.

After you upgrade from your old HDD drive to a new solid-state drive (SSD), you will see a huge difference in performance. That’s mostly because of two kinds of drive working in different ways. SSDs don’t come with any moving part that is why they read data much faster than the traditional HDD drive.

To get an SSD drive, you will need to pay from 50 to hundreds of dollars depending on the size of that SSD, the technology integrated in the drive, and the speed of reading/writing.

The only requirement for installing an SSD is that it needs a CPU for utilizing it. The Core 2 dual and above CPU is good. You should also need an SATA or PCI-E port depending on the SSD that you choose to use.