Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Problems And Their Fixes

Although there was a beta to iron out arising issues, there are still a few problems with Harry Potter: Wizards Unite that are annoying users when the game is officially rolled out in the U.S. and the UK.

Here are the most common Harry Potter: Wizards Unite problems that users are encountering with. If you are also experiencing one of these, you can follow this post to directly fix that.

Aside from waiting for the next Harry Potter: Wizards Unite update to solve some issues, most of the common problems can be fixed with a few simple steps.

Solutions To Fix Most Common Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Problems

If you see any things that aren’t working right, the best thing is to close the app and then re-launch it. On newer iPhone models, simply swipe up from the bottom or double press the home button on older variants. After that, swipe up on the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite app to close it

On Android, simply press the multitasking button and close the game. Wait for a few seconds and then re-open the app.

Fix Black Screen Problems

If you see a black screen or blank screen when opening Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, there are two reasons.

The main reason from here is that the game might be trying to download or load parts of the game. So, if you see a black screen for about 10-15 seconds multiple times while getting started the game, just wait for it to update the game

You can also check your Internet connection speed if the black screen time is too long. According to Niantic, the game can take up to 10 minutes to load up in some instances.

Another solution is to turn on high accuracy mode if you are using Android. It’s located in the location settings but it varies among devices.

You should also disable the Battery Saver mode. If you are activating saving mode while playing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, it might cause a black screen and other issues. Thus, turning off any power saving or Low battery modes on your Android device

The last solution is to uninstall Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and then re-install the game to check the problems.

 Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Problems With Android

If you are running into Harry Potter: Wizards Unite problems on your Android device, make sure your app is up to date.

Simply open Google Play Store, tap on the menu button, select My apps & games. Scroll down until you see Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and tap on Update next to it if it is available.

Another solution is checking your Internet connection. Make sure your device is connected to a reliable Internet connection. You can visit Speedtest.com and see if you have a good connection.

Clearing data and cache of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite might fix some problems. To do so on Android devices, follow these steps below:

  1. Head to
  2. Tap on Storage.
  3. Select Apps >Harry Potter: Wizards Unite
  4. Tap on Clear Data and Clear Cache.

This can help you fix many annoying issues without the need for reinstalling the game.

If you still face problems, make sure that background data is enabled. If it is off, the game might not work correctly.

Finally, you should uninstall and reinstall the game to fix most problems.

Fix Login Issues

If you are not able to log into Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, here are a few things you can try.

When signing into Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, you can choose to use Google or Facebook for the login. Additionally, you need to figure out which email address you are using or which Facebook account is used. If you don’t remember your Google or Facebook password, you can connect Google or Facebook for further help.

If you cannot log in your account on the iPhone, you can clear your Safari data. To do so:

  1. Head to
  2. Tap on Safari > Advanced
  3. Choose Website Data
  4. Select Clear History and Data.

This will help you solve the login issues since Harry Potter: Wizards Unite requires Safari browser to log in on yuour iPhone.

Fix Code Name Reservation Problems

If you have already reserved a code name, you will see it when logging in.

For those that don’t see their code name, you should try log in with a different account. It can just work with the account that is used to reserve the code name.

Fix Battery Life Issues

Using GPS as well as the camera on your phone while playing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will eat up a lot of battery life. Thus, you don’t want to activate the system power saver or low battery mode since they could cause issues with the game.

Instea, you can open settings in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, select Advanced and then enable Battery Saver feature.

Fix Camera Problems

You need to use the camera on your phone to play Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. If you forgot to grant access to the camera when playing the game, you could turn it on again easily in settings.

fix Harry Potter: Wizards Unite camera problems

In the game, tap on Settings > Camera and then Grant Camera Permission. This will prompt you another request to use the camera in Wizards Unite.

Fix Network Errors

If there is a Network Error message when playing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, a bad connection might be the main cause. In this case, you need to restart the app.

You should check if you can visit a webpage. If it works, check if you have a good connection. If the problems do not come from the network, force close the app and then open it again.

Fix Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Freezing

Sometimes the game might get frozen. This problem happens to some users when you tap on an Ingredient on the map. If the game gets frozen, you should wait for about 5 seconds for it to solve. If not, you can restart the game.

Fix “GPS Permissions” Error

If you are encountering GPS problems while you play Wizards Unite, you can check whether you are activating High Accuracy mode on Android. It’s known as GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular networks.

fix GPS permission error

Head to Settings > Security & Location > Locating method and select GPS, Wi-Fi, and mobile networks. This could also fix most errors in the game.

Fix Blank Daily Treasure Calendar

If you see your Daily Treasure calendar is blank even after tapping on the assignment’s tutorial, then you aren’t alone. Simply restart the app to claim your treasure calendar back.

Fix Portkey Portmanteau Not Unlocking

fix Portkey Portmanteau Not Unlocking

When you look at walking the distance of the Portkey Portmanteau in the game, it might look like you are completely done, but it is still rounding up. In this case, you have to walk a little more to unlock this stage. The game will unlock as soon as you tap on the distance.

Get a Location Removed from Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

If you want to remove your location from the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite game, you can contact Niantic for a help. Anyone can also request a modification about in-game locations, but if you want a private property which is not residential, you can easily speed up the process by providing an official email address, the business card of a senior executive. After that, submit a request following this form.

Bonus: Save up Data with Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

You feel you are using a lot of data while playing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite on your device. Here are some tips to save up data while you play the game.

save up mobile data in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

  • First, disable the “Download Over Network” option in Settings. When you opt to disable Download Over Network, your device will no longer be possible to download supplemental game data when the mobile network is enabled on your phone. This small trick will reduce load times by predicting what will be doing next and only downloads the necessary assets.

Note: If the setting is disabled, the game cannot fetch data in the background if you are using cellular data. So you should wait more often for assets to download before entering an encounter or completing the game interactions.

  • Enable the “Download All Assets” option in Settings. If you enable Download All Assets, it will automatically download all available game assets to your device at once. So you can connect and download game data from a wifi network to save the amount of mobile data consumption.
  • Enable the “Notify About New Assets” option to turn notification badges on when the new game assets are available for download. Once you enable notifications, there will be a red dot appearing over “Download All Assets” option and prompts you that an update is ready for download.

Note that all the game assets will be downloaded over Wi-Fi, so if you are using a limited WiFi plan at home, you should not do so to avoid problems.

There are Harry Potter: Wizards Unite problems and solutions to fix them. We’ll update when we find new problems inside the game. Drop your comments in the section below.