How to Fix Xbox One Stuck At Game Installation

Having an Xbox One stuck at game installation can be frustrating. There’s nothing worse than playing a new game and getting the game’s installation stall without reason, which you can see on your TV. The percentage of game installed that suddenly stops is increasing. The problem can occur when installing a game from a disc or downloading one from the built-in store in the Xbox One.

The reason that is causing Xbox One to be stuck at game installation is not unclear. Fortunately, there are a few ways to fix stuck Xbox One game installs without restoring your console back to initial settings.

How to Fix Xbox One Stuck  At Game Installation

Method 1: Clear Your Save and Cache

Microsoft’s Xbox has a website for the solution of the Xbox One stuck at game installation issue. One of the suggested methods is clearing the cache of saved games on your console. Although it has worked for some, you should note that it’ll delete saved games that are not stored on Xbox Live. Therefore, you should not use this solution on a console that isn’t connected to Xbox Live as you will lose your saved games forever.

  1. Remove the disc from your Xbox One, One S or One X.
  2. Press on Xbox Logo on your controller to open up Guide.
  3. Use RB to switch to the System page.
  4. Next, scroll down and choose Settings.
  5. From the Settings screen, click on System.
  6. Now, choose Storage.
  7. Choose Clear Local Save Games You’ll then be asked to confirm if you want to clear your saved games. Click on Yes.
Method 2: Go Offline for Game Installs

There’s another method that works for the Xbox One stuck at game installation issue. You do n’t have to delete your saved games, but you will need to power down your console and then disconnect it from Xbox Live.

  1. Go to the Xbox One’s Settings app with the help of the Xbox Guide.
  2. From there, choose Network from the menu on the left. Next select Network Settings.
  3. Choose Go Offline to shut down the network connection on your Xbox.
  4. Now return to the Home screen and choose My Apps and Games. Select the game in Queue and press the menu button to display more options. From here, click on Cancel.
  5. Next, remove the game disc from your console and double-tap on the Xbox logo on your Xbox to open up the Guide.
  6. Navigate to Settings and choose Restart Console.

Put the game disc back in the drive and re-install it. After that, you need to return to the Network settings area and enable Go Online.

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Method 3: Restart Your Console

There is another simple solution to fix your stuck Xbox One game install. Microsoft recommends you to hard restart your console. To do so, simply hold the finger over the Xbox One logo of your original Xbox One or hold down the Xbox logo on the Xbox One S or One X. Once they’ve restarted, you can re-install the game.