How To Fix Unable to Upload Videos To Flickr On iPhone

You usually use your iPhone to record a number of images and short videos and then upload them to Flickr. Although the videos are not long, all of them are less than 1 minutes, many iOS users said that they could not upload them to Flickr. Some users used the New Uploader, but there was a problem with the upload when the image processing daemon could not start. While the others used the old Uploader, there was a problem as the image processing daemon could not be started, though the upload getting to 100%. So if you are in the same situation, here is step-by-step guide you can do to fix the issue.

Fix Unable to Upload Videos To Flickr On iPhones

  1. Check Format Of Video

The format of the video can decide if you are able to upload videos to Flickr. Flickr currently supports the MPEG4, H263, 3GP, ACC, H264 but not including MOV format. As you know, the format of each video recorded by iPhone is MOV, so that explains why you cannot upload video to your Flickr. To fix the issue, try to convert your videos to the mentioned above formats, then upload them to Flickr.

  1. Use Computer To Upload Videos

Another method you can do is transferring all your videos into the computer and then uploading them to Flickr. Plug your device into the computer, move all the short clips you want to upload. After that you visit to upload to the Flickr.

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  1. Allow Restricted Video On Flickr

Sometimes, the issue is related to the restriction, as you don’t allow restricted video on your Flickr. If your account sets its default upload settings to the restriction (even though the content they are uploading is not restricted), then you will not able to upload video. You can check and adjust your default content filters from Here, it will explain more clearly with the issue,

That’s all the possible ways you can do to fix the unable to upload videos to Flickr issue. If you have other better solutions, let’s know on the comment below.