Slow web browsing problem is when your favorite browser needs a long time to load a website. The symptom is usually related to certain sites if it’s not a widespread issue. Highlighted in this post is a relevant issue on iPhone XS. Follow this post to know what to do if the internet connection on your iPhone is getting slow.

Solutions to Fix Slow Internet Connection on iPhone XS

Method 1: Reboot your wireless router/modem

Slow internet connection is often caused by the error of the network equipment, so performing a power cycle on your modem/router is considered as the first potential solution you should try. Rebooting the wireless router can help you remove errant data segments caused by minor firmware crashes. Here’s how to get it done:

  • Press and hold the Power switch of your wireless router/modem to disable it.
  • After the equipment is already off, you should unplug the AC adapter from the outlet.
  • Wait for 1 minute, plug the AC adapter back into the outlet and then press the Power button to re-enable the wireless router/modem.

Wait until you see the lights on the equipment, especially the Wi-Fi signal indicator, your iPhone will automatically establish the network connection again when the Wi-Fi signal on modem/router has stabilized. After it’s reconnected, open your browser app and try to visit multiple websites and check if loading speed has been improved.

Method 2: Restart your iPhone XS

Sometimes, random system glitches are also the culprits that have slowed down the browsing speed of your iPhone. To clear out these flaws, you can perform a soft reset on your iPhone. This will also get rid of corrupted files on your device internal memory as well as refresh the operating system. To do so:

  • Press and hold the Power button along with one of two Volume buttons simultaneously a few seconds.
  • When you see the Slide to Power off command, release both buttons.
  • Drag the slider to the right to completely power off the device.
  • Wait for 1 minute and then press and hold the Power button until you see the Apple logo.
  • Wait until your iPhone completely boots up and then connect it to a Wi-Fi network and check if a reset could solve the slow internet connection problem.

You can also clear cache and cookies if you are using Safari app. Although cached files are helpful in reloading similar websites, they might trigger browsing issues like problem slow browsing in case corrupted Internet files accumulate. So, it’s recommended to clear the browser cache as well as browsing history from time to time. Here is how to do so on the Safari app browser on your iPhone XS:

  • Open Settings app from the Home screen.
  • Scroll down and tap on
  • Tap on
  • Choose Website Data
  • Now, check the total space usage of the website data and select Remove All Website Data.

When you see a confirmation message to clear cache and browsing data from the Safari app, simply tap on it and then restart your iPhone XS. After it boots up, open the Safari browser app and try browsing a site and page to gauge the browsing speed. If you are still able to obtain the browsing speed, move on to the next methods.


Method 3: Disable Wi-Fi on your iPhone and re-enable it


Refreshing the Wi-Fi connection is also a good solution to solve minor wireless connectivity problems like slow internet browsing issue. During this process, temporary internet files causing problems when opening websites will be cleared out. Here’s what you should do:

  • From your iPhone Home screen, head to
  • Choose the Wi-Fi menu and toggle the switch to disable the feature.
  • When the Wi-Fi feature is off, restart your iPhone XS.
  • Return to Settings-> Wi-Fi menu and toggle the switch to turn the Wi-Fi feature on

Another way you can refresh wireless functions on your iPhone is to use Airplane Mode. Many iOS users have found this old tweak helpful whenever something goes wrong with the Internet speed. Here’s how to do so:

  • From the Home screen, launch Settings app.
  • Choose Airplane Mode
  • Toggle the Airplane Mode switch to enable it. All wireless functions on your iPhone will be disabled.
  • Restart your iPhone while the Airplane mode is still
  • Go back to Settings-> Airplane Mode menu and toggle the switch again to disable the feature. All wireless features on your iPhone XS will be re-enabled.

After your phone is already connected to the wireless network, try to visit any website through the Safari app and check if the Internet speed has improved or not.

Method 4: Forget your Wi-Fi network then connect it again

Another helpful solution to try when fixing corrupted Wi-Fi network connection is to forget the Wi-Fi network. This is what to solve issues caused by corrupted Wi-Fi network. This usually works by deleting the Wi-Fi network from the network directory on your iPhone and adding it back to reconnect like it’s the first time. To do so:

  • Launch Settings from the Home screen.
  • Tap on the Wi-Fi menu. If the feature is disabled, toggle the switch to enable it.
  • You will now be prompted with the list of networks. Simply choose your Wi-Fi network and tap on the “i” icon next to the SSID or the Wi-Fi network name.
  • Tap on Forget This Network
  • When you are prompted to confirm a network deletion, select the popup.

If there are multiple Wi-Fi networks saved on your phone, you should better remove all to stop them from causing conflicts to your Wi-Fi network in use.

After you complete with deleting all saved Wi-Fi networks, restart your iPhone to eliminate all errant network caches as well as refresh the system.

After your iPhone has rebooted completely, return to Settings-> Wi-Fi menu and toggle the switch to turn Wi-Fi on. Your phone will automatically scan for available Wi-Fi networks. Simply choose your Wi-Fi network and follow the onscreen prompts to connect to the network again.


Method 5: Reset network settings on your iPhone XS


Sometimes, misconfigured network settings are the underlying cause of the slow internet browsing problem on your iPhone. To fix the problem, performing a network reset is a good idea. The process will erase all your current network configurations and then restore the network settings to the default values. Should you want to give it a try, simply follow these steps below:

  • Open Settings app from the Home screen.
  • Tap on General >
  • Choose Reset network settings

  • Enter your device passcode when prompted to continue.
  • Tap on Reset network settings popup to confirm the reset.

Your phone will then reboot itself once the reset is done. The process did not only restore the original values on the network settings of your iPhone XS, but also removed the Wi-Fi networks, and you need to set up your Wi-Fi network again to use it again. After that, open your browser and check if the internet speed is already faster after performing a network settings reset.

Still encountering slow Internet connection on your iPhone XS?

The above procedures are already enough to solve software factors that have slowed down the internet connection. However, if the problem still persists, then there might be an issue with your Internet service provider.

In this case, you should contact your service provider in order to check the current status of the Internet. Some temporary network issues are the main cause to affect network services. All you need then is to wait until the outage ends and your Internet connection should return to normal.