How To Fix Samsung Pay Not Working On Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus

You have just purchased a Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9+ and you are now enjoying your new smartphone with a dozen of new features. The duo Galaxy S9 phones have been receiving positive feedback since their official launch. There is no doubt as the camera is the most impressive thing on these two new phones.

However, that does not mean there is not any issue on these flagships. Some users have recently reported that Samsung Pay did not work when they made the payment through the app. Although there is an update available, unfortunately, the issue still occurs regularly. Samsung Pay not working is so problematic. The issue is not only on the Snapdragon variant but there are also the same reports on the Exynos variants. It could be a server issue but it could also be a problem relating software.

Samsung Pay Issues:

  • Users who purchased the unlocked Samsung Galaxy S9 version are facing the incompatibility issue with Samsung Pay.
  • The pre-loaded version notifies that there is an updated version available, but users are not able to install it.
  • The Samsung Pay app in the Play store shows a “the app is not incompatible” message

However, whatever the Samsung Pay issues you are facing on your S9/ S9 Plus, here are the solutions you can try.

How To Fix Samsung Pay Not Working On Galaxy S9/ S9 Plus

Samsung has confirmed the Samsung Pay issues and they have recently released a new patch fix. This new patch of the Samsung Pay app is available in the Galaxy App Store. So, all you need is visiting the Galaxy App Store and tap the patch button.

If there is the Samsung Pay incompatibility issue on your Galaxy S9/S9 Plus, here is how to fix it.

Restart Your Device

Sometimes a simple restart could help the app back to work normally. To perform a restart on your Galaxy S9/ S9 Plus, press & hold the Power button for few seconds until there is an option showing up on the screen. Simply tap on Power off option and confirm your choice. That’s it. Now, press the Power button again to turn your phone on.

Reset Samsung Pay app

Another method that you should try to fix the Samsung Pay incompatibility issue is resetting the Samsung Pay. To do this, launch the Samsung Pay app, choose the sign in option locating at the upper right corner. Then tap on the ‘forgot password’ option and you will be asked to enter the mail id that you previously entered when creating the account. Al you need is entering the email-id as well as the security code, and you will then receive a mail with a new password.

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Remove Currently Used Card And Add A New One:

The last method you can try to fix the Samsung Pay issues is removing the current card you are using for the payment and then add a new one.

  • Launch Samsung Pay app
  • Tap on the credit/Debit card option
  • Choose the card you want to remove
  • Tap ‘more option’ and choose Delete Card
  • Verify your Samsung PIN code and that’s all.
  • Once done, you can repeat the steps to add a new card.

So these are the common methods to fix the Samsung Pay not working issue on the Samsung Galaxy S9/ S9 Plus. If you have any other problem or know other solutions to the Samsung Pay issues, share with us in the comment below.