How To Fix There Is a Problem With This Windows Installer Package Error in iTunes

When installing an iTunes software update, many people have complained that they receive an iTunes installation error or there is an issue with the windows installer package iTunes. There is a  notification on their computer: “iTunes there is a problem with this windows installer package“ for those who install  iTunes 12.6v or a higher version. If you are in the same situation, here are two simple methods to fix “ There is a Problem with this Windows installer Package” error in iTunes.

Method 1: Repair iTunes to fix Windows installer Package errors

Repairing the installation of your Apple Software Update will delete the damaged files for Windows package manager and fix iTunes installer package error.

On Windows 7 and higher, you need to go to “Uninstall a program” in Control Panel and select Apple Software Update and click “Repair”.

If this method fails, completely uninstall iTunes from your Windows computer. After that, delete the temp files and AppData files in the following patch:

  • For temp: enter “Run” and type “%temp%”.
  • For the AppData folder, type “%AppData%

After deleting the iTunes folder from both locations, restart your computer and try to install iTunes again.

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Method 2: Change Permissions

To fix the issue, you can follow the items below. Once done, reboot your computer and try the installation again.

  1. Make sure you update your computer to the Windows version.
  2. Give the full access for the folder permissions to: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\ or C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp\
  3. Make sure the hidden files and folders can now be accessible on your computer.
  4. Open Windows Explorer and locate the mentioned folder above.
  5. Right click on it, and click the Security tab.
  6. Change the permissions for the Local pop-up window as it opens.
  7. Choose the desired user on ‘Group or user names’. Make sure to check on ‘Allow’ box for the activation of the Full control.
  8. Click OK to close the Permissions and the Local Properties pop-up

After you save change of the permissions, restart your computer and simply install iTunes again. This solution absolutely worked with fixing there is a problem with this windows installer package error in iTunes.