Fix : Google Play Store “No Connection- Retry” Error

When accessing Google Play Store without an internet connection, it always brings “No Connection- Retry” Error but if you have a working internet connection active and still shows this error when trying to access play store, It might be due to cache of the Play store, or even error code in the Google play store,


fix playstore error


Here are 5 different ways to fix Google Play Store “No Connection – Retry Error

1. If you are seeing this error, the first thing to come to your mind is Internet connection, check your data connection if it is active, you can try other apps using internet connection also to see if its really working. But if the error persist, try the next methods to fix the error.

2. Most times, Google play store will not work if your phone date and time is incorrect.  Check if the data and time on the device is correct, if not, set the time and then re-open play store, if play store still don’t work after correcting the time, then check the next method.

3. Another main reason that might cause play store error is the cache of the Play store app. So, try clearing the cache by going to Settings > Apps and select “Google Play Store” app, open the app and click the clear cache and force stop this app button.

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4. If after clearing the app cache, Google play store still shows the error, then you will need to remove your Google account and add it back. To do this, Go to Settings > Accounts ,then remove your Google account and add it back. Now open back Google Play store, it will ask you to accept the licensing terms.  Accept to continue. This method might be able to fix most of the Google play store errors.

5. If you still can’t fix the error with the above methods, reinstall the Google play store app or update the app(If updates is available) by downloading the apk file and install it.

If none of the methods work for you, Am afraid you would have to reset your android device.


  1. One of my friends had a similar problem on his Android phone. So had to download Mobogenie and used their store for his downloads. It’s much better than PlayStore.

    Nice post!