Pixel 3 Problems & How To Fix Them

Although Pixel phones usually receive a lot of offer and love from Google, they’re not still perfect. There were several updates released to fix small problems over the last year, but a few still remain. Thus, we have listed the most Pixel 3 problems as well as solutions to quickly fix them.

Whether your Pixel 3 is encountering the audio issues, performance issues, poor battery life or your phone gets frozen, this is still a great place to start. We’re here to help you with multiple problems and provides tips and tricks to fix them.

However, before getting started, you should remember that these are small incidents and don’t let them sway you away from an excellent Android phone.

Fix Pixel 3 XL Apps That Aren’t Fullscreen

The AMOLED display on Pixel 3 is one of its great features, but the taller and skinny screen sometimes causes unexpected problems. While it’s nothing new, some apps could take advantage of the entire screen, especially with that notch.

Many Pixel 3 users are complaining about black bars appearing at the top and bottom while opening apps, watching videos on YouTube. Samsung and LG have their feature, called “app scaling” or “full-screen mode”, that can stretch apps to take up the entire display. But, Google doesn’t add a similar customization option. Even the latest Android 10 beta update doesn’t include one.

Sadly, there is not a fix for this yet. While Google has updated the YouTube Android app, and the new pinch-to-zoom feature can switch the app to fullscreen mode, other apps don’t have this honor. Most apps supporting Android 9 are created to handle different screen sizes.

Pixel 3 Wi-Fi Problems

Similar to every smartphone released on the market, many Pixel 3 users have complained about Wi-Fi problems. Whether they are speeds, drops or connectivity, this is just a small glitch over a real problem.

Easy steps to fix Pixel 3 Wi-Fi Problems
  • First, go to Settings and toggle Wi-Fi on/off
  • After that, reboot your phone
  • Reset your home router/ modem if possible
  • Head to Settings > Wi-Fi and forget the connected wireless network(s)
  • Re-connect and enter the password again for a fresh start.

These are a few steps you should try first. Toggle Wi-Fi off and back on, reboot your Pixel 3, reset your wireless router, or take drastic measures.

Pixel 3 Fingerprint Reader Problems

Imprint fingerprint on Pixel 3 is extremely fast and accurate, allowing users to unlock the phone just with a fingerprint, but some Pixel users reported that it was not working as expected. This is due to various things.

First, you should delete all your saved fingerprints on your phone. Then do them again and ensure the sensor and your hands are both clean. It’s especially true if you have recently used a case to protect your phone. Remember not to just tap in the same spot, instead move it around so that the fingerprint sensor can get as much data as possible.

Another tip is to save your main fingerprint more than once to give your Pixel 3 twice as much data for more accurate and faster unlock.

Pixel 3 RAM Problems

One of the biggest problems on Pixel 3 is its RAM issues, plaguing everyone Pixel 3 devices. You can call it memory leaking, or performance problems, and others, all of them are the same. More specifically, the Pixel 3 devices could not keep apps running in the background. Some apps like Spotify randomly close even when the RAM is not full, and apps don’t keep opening in the background.

4GB of RAM is not enough and the software usually closes apps running in the background to keep your Pixel 3 run smoothly. Google has already released a fix patch to eliminate the full RAM problem. A few software tweaks finally solved this once and for all, so you should update your phone to the latest software and hopefully, this issue goes away.

However, some Pixel users are still facing overall performance problems when their Pixel 3, Pixel 3a are laggy. There was a huge thread on Reddit notifying that Google’s Digital Wellbeing app is the main culprit. Thus, you can give it a shot with Wellbeing app and let’s know in the comment section below.

Pixel 3 Display Issues & Colors

Pixel 3 features a beautiful OLED display manufactured by Samsung, which is one of the best displays on the market. However, it is not perfect either. According to some Pixel users, the colors sometimes were not as vibrant as expected, and there was even a weird flashing when it’s on the always-on display. To fix both these problems, simply follow these steps:

Navigate to Settings > Display > Advanced > Colors and select Boosted or Saturated. You can get a few different profiles to choose from.

If you still encounter the always-on display flashes of light, or the weird screen issue when unlocking your Pixel 3, make sure to update your phone to May patch update, which could specifically address this bug.

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Hide Pixel 3 XL Notch

It’s a question that many users ask, and we’re here to help you. You want to hide the big notch in the Pixel 3 XL screen, here’s how you can do this. All you need is to follow the steps exactly as outlined below:

  • Navigate to Settings > System > About Phone and tap on Build Number 7 times
  • When there is a popup that says “You Are Now a Developer”, tap on the Back arrow
  • In Settings > System > Advanced, there is now a new Developer Options option at the bottom, just tap on that.
  • Scroll down to Drawing and tap on Display Cutout, select Hide.

That’s it! You are done.

Pixel 3 XL Two Notch Problem

Another problem on Pixel 3 XL devices running on the Android 9 Pie version adds a second notch on the phone screen. One is already bad enough, but two is really a deal-breaker. However, you should not worry since it’s just a software glitch. If you are in the same trouble, here is how to fix it.

Follow the mentioned steps to activate the Developer Options menu, and then take control over the notch on your Pixel 3 XL. You can also restart to eliminate the problem. If it happens randomly, wait for an upcoming software update.

Pixel 3 Battery Life Problems

Poor battery life is a common problem that occurs with almost smartphones, and Pixel 3 is not an exception. The problem could be due to many things, but it might come from apps that are not working properly with Android 9 Pie. So, you should customize location settings, reduce the screen brightness to about 40% or set it to automatic, as well as close big apps you no longer use.

But, the best route is to make sure there is nothing wrong, and apps are not draining more battery than it should be. Simply head to Settings > Battery and check the top of the list. It’s usually Android OS, Launcher, or Display is at the top. If there’s an app eating up too much battery, something is wrong. You should disable the app; force close it or even uninstall it to kill an app that’s draining the battery fast.

Pixel 3 Wet Speaker Problems

Google Pixel 3 features an IP68 for water and dust resistance, which can stay alive around 30 minutes under 5 feet of water. Nonetheless, there is a problem here that the speaker grills are still wet and sound good until they’re dry. It does not cause any permanent damage, so you should not worry too much.

You can see a small grill behind the speaker cutout, and surface tension will keep the water out of your Pixel 3. All you need is to tap against your palm to take leftover water out, and it will then be fine.

However, if you put your phone underwater too long, or goes deep, water might cause unwanted problems. In this case, prepare a bag of rice, place your phone into it and the speaker will work fine tomorrow.

Pixel 3 Charging Issues

All smartphones will get hot when being charged, especially using fast charging technology. Thus, if your Pixel 3 is getting hot while you are charging it, you should not worry about. If you’re actually encountering charging problems, it’s absolutely something else.

Fast charging technology on your Pixel 3 allows it to charge from 0-50% just in 20 minutes and your Pixel 3 enough juice for a busy work day. It usually gets hot during the charging process, so there is nothing to worry.

These are common Pixel 3 problems and how to fix them. We’ll update if there are new problems with this great Google’s flagship.