How To Fix iPhone Passcode Requirement Issue

Many iPhone users have recently reported that there was a strange prompt requiring an unlock passcode in the coming hour. It often appears on the Home screen of their device with the title of the “Passcode Requirement.” The exact statement is “You must change your iPhone unlock Passcode within 60 minutes”. After that, there would be the following options that read as Later or Continue. The Later option would reappear whenever you unlock the iPhone and it would count down the minutes left until the task is performed.

Change Passcode in 60 Minutes Message

Although iOS platform is famous for the security and stability, the system still gets corrupted. As the mentioned issue above, many users just know to tap on Later and started digging to ascertain what is happening with their device. However, the prompt does not really disappear and comes up again after some time.

Once we can make sure for you that this is not some sort of malware or virus at all; you should clean your iPhone on that count at least. There are several reasons why this prompt appears repeatedly on iOS devices. Here are some tips you can try to keep away this issue

  1. Do Not Use 4- Digit Passcode

From iOS 9 version, Apple has advocated the use of 6 digit passcodes for the higher security on your device. So you’d better set 6-digit passcodes instead of 4-digit passcodes on your iPhone.

  1. Do Not Use a Common Passcode

If the unlock passcode is too easy, the iOS will want you to change it to something more complex.

  1. Remove Unused Profiles

If a configuration profile is installed on your device such as a third party app or the iOS 11.2 beta, it could trigger the Passcode Requirement prompt. To stop it from appearing again, simply go to Settings -> General -> Profile and check the available profile. Next, tap on it, delete it and enter the passcode to confirm your choice.

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  1. MDM Enrollment

If your iPhone joins in the Mobile Device Management system, you should be asked to change the passcode regularly to prevent the data leaks.

However, if none of the above applies to you, it might be possible that t the unlock Passcode requirement is a new feature in iOS 11 version that prompts you to change the password.

To resolve this problem for all, you simply tap on the Continue button if you see the prompt appearing and enter the current unlock code. Next time, you will be prompted to enter a 6 digit passcode. Just re-enter it for confirmation and that’s done.

If you don’t like a long passcode,  just go to Settings -> Touch ID ( Face ID) & Passcode and then enter the current one, scroll through to choose Change Passcode. Here, enter the old passcode again and tap on Passcode Options which you can see at the bottom of the screen. From there, choose 4- digit Numeric Code and enter your favorite passcode.