How to Fix iMessage Not Working on Apple Watch

Many Apple Watch users like replying or sending the Messages right on their Watch because of its convenience. However, some users have recently complained that they are not able to send or receive text messages from their tiny device, even including the iMessages. So if you are in the same situation, and are finding the ways to fix the issues, we now have solutions for you.

How to Fix iMessage Not Working on Apple Watch

  1. Apple Watch Does Not Recieve Messages

When your Apple Watch cannot receive SMS messages, it’s possible that your iPhone is in the active mode. That time, all notifications including incoming text messages will be display on your iPhone’s screen. So you should lock your device or turn it off so that your Apple Watch can start receiving text messages.

Another issue that causes your Apple Watch not to receive the messages is the Do Not Disturb mode on your Watch. If it’s activated, that means your device will not be able to receive any message. To check if it’s enabled or not, follow these below steps:

  • Press the Digital Crown to open the watch face
  • Launch Glances by swiping up
  • Swipe left until you see Settings icon
  • Tap on it and check for the Do Not Disturb icon whether it’s on or off. If it’s on, toggle it off.
  1. iMessage Activation Error

Another common issue is the iMessage Activation error. This issue happens when you forget activating their iMessage before using it. After you tried to turn on iMessage, but you see the “waiting for activation” popup, then you should follow the below instructions:

  • Disable the iMessages, if it’s already turned on
  • Next, restart your iPhone/ iPad
  • Now, return to to Settings > Messages and toggle on iMessage again
  • Wait for a few minutes and see the result.

If this way doesn’t help, you can try the tips below.

  • Update to your device to the latest firmware if possible
  • Head to Settings > General > Restrictions and toggle iMessage off, which might cause the “Waiting for Activation” alert
  • Log out your Apple ID and log back in
  • Contact your carrier for the use of iMessage.
  1. iMessage Cannot Sync Between Your Watch and iPhone

One of the things that make Apple users favorite is the synchronization. When setting up any iPhone, MacBook or Apple Watch, you’re always asked to enter your Apple ID and password. After that, all the data will be synced among devices.

If messages sending from your iPhone/iPad do not come to your Apple Watch, or when you send a quick reply from your Apple Watch but it does not display on your iPhone, then you should follow some of the below tips to fix the issue

  • Reset iMessage from your iPhone: To do this, go to Settings > Messages > disable iMessage. After that force close the Settings app and then activate the iMessages again.
  • Restart both devices: Press and hold the side/power button until you see the Power Off slider line. Drag it to the right to turn it off and then press and hold the side/power button again to turn back on.
  • Unpair your Apple Watch: go to My Watch on your iPhone/iPad> tap the (i) icon, choose Unpair Apple Watch and confirm your action. Wait for a while and pair them again.

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Above are the common issues as well as the possible fixes to resolve the iMessages not to work on your Apple Watch. If you feel this post useful, let’s know your thoughts in the comment below.