How to Fix Google Home Problems

After adding users and making some general setup, these are hands-off devices. You will no longer have to mess with it at all. The Google Home comes with cool things, but that does not mean it’s perfect. No matter what problem you are facing, here are a few solutions to fix them.

Common Google Home Problems And Fixes
Connection Problems

Problems with connecting to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth are very common, which cause issues such as slow responses, music not playing, buffering, and others. If you’re having troubles with Google Home connection, there are some different steps you should do.

A quick power cycle can fix most common problems. To do so, unplug your Google Home for 10 seconds, and then connect it again. You should also reboot it inside the Google Home app by going to Devices > Settings > More > and tap Restart.

After that, move your Home speaker to a better position, which is closer to your Wi-Fi router. If it’s too far, the connection might get dropped and problems might appear. Another simple fix is rebooting your router or repairing the connection between the two. Unplug your router for about 10 seconds and switch it back on.

Google Home Location Problems

Another common problem relating to Google Home is the wrong location information. You will get the wrong information when asking about the weather, driving directions, or anything that requires your location. Here are steps to fix wrong location data.

  • Launch the Google Home app on your Android or iOS
  • Tap on the 3-lines menu button at the top left
  • Choose More settings
  • Under Account Settings, tap on Personal info
  • Tap on Home & work locations section
  • Enter your home address or your work address and hit OK

Once you have your location successfully updated, check if it works back.

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Google Home Not Responding

There are multiple reasons causing your smart speaker that does not respond to you. It might come from the microphone mute button. Google added a mute button to Google Home devices to ensure safety, security, and privacy. It will turn off the microphone, so it cannot hear your command.

The mute button is located on the back of the Google Home, Max, and Mini. If there are yellow lights on the top, it means your device is muted. Simply tap or flip the switch and you will receive a notification, which means the microphone is now activated.

Another reason for an unresponsive problem is that there might be too much other noise around you. If it’s put close to a TV, appliances, or even air vents, it’s difficult to hear your commands. Keep your Google Home t away from anything that’s loud, or that will prevent your voice from assessing the microphone.

Finally, you don’t talk loud enough, or the volume of Google Home isn’t loud enough. Sometimes it can’t hear your voice, or if it does, you are not able to hear the reply. Simply check the volume controls.

These are three common Google Home problems as well as their fixes. If you have other issues, let’s know in the comment below.