How To Fix Common Issues On Moto G4

The Moto G4 is one of the popular Android mid-range smartphones you could purchase at a reasonable price. Although the phone was launched last year, it still features some decent specs. While the smartphone performs well, there are some common issues happening with G4 users. Here is a list of some common issues and their fixes.

Fix Common Issues On Moto G4

Overheating Issues

One of the common problems that the users of Moto G4 are facing is overheating when using camera to record videos, or play games. Here are the fixes you should try

  • Don’t play games or record a video while your device is charging.
  • If you are using a case, try removing it.
  • Sometimes, the third-party apps can cause the overheating problems. That time, you should press the Power button and then hold the Power Off, choose OK to boot into the Safe Mode. If overheating issue no longer exists, then a third party app must take responsibility for this. Uninstall apps one at a time and check the issue.
  • Cache might also cause the overheating problem on your phone. Simply head to Settings > Storage & USB > Cached Data > OK. Next, hold the Power Key for 10 seconds to reboot your phone.

We hope these solutions might fix the problem of overheating.

Battery Life Issues

Although Moto G4 comes with a great battery life, and it’s expected to last about  9 or 10 hours after a single charge, there may be times that you will notice an unusual battery drain. Here are the fixes:

  • Bright displays can eat up quite a lot of your battery, so don’t forget to check the brightness of your screen. You should also turn off Moto Actions to preview notifications to see a difference in the battery life.
  • Go to Settings > Battery and check the apps that are eating up your battery too and try to isolate them.
  • Turn on Battery Saver Mode to extend the battery life.
Camera Issue

‘Camera Error, ‘Camera has Stopped’, or ‘Please Restart Camera’ are the common issues you may face at times. In such cases, you should use the below fixes:

Go to Settings > Apps > Camera app > Force Stop it and then head to to Storage > Clear Cache. After that, hold the Power button and power it off. Doing this can solve the problem.

Another solution you should try is rebooting into Safe Mode by following the mentioned steps. If your camera works normally in the Safe Mode, then the problem comes from a third –party app.

Display Issue Of Yellow Tint On Screen

If this issue happens to your Moto G4, the whites of the display usually appear to be yellow. You can use a solution to fix the problem. Try changing the color saturation by going to Settings > Display > Color Mode.

Unable To Download Apps

In case you are not able to download games and apps from Play Store, here are the fixes you could try:

  • You should clear the cache. Head to Settings > Apps > Google Play Store > Force Stop and move to Storage and Clear Cache.
  • The problem may come from the Android Nougat version and it can block the downloads as you are using the mobile data. You just connect to Wi-Fi to stop this problem.

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Screen Burn In

You might see the shadow of the previous app though you have changed to a different app. Here is the fix you should do:

Your screen is probably too bright and the timeout is too long. Navigate to Settings > Display > Brightness Level and Sleep and performing a Factory Data Reset can be a trick.

These are the most common issues on Moto G4 as well as their fixes. If you feel this post useful, let’s know in the comment below.