How To Fix Cannot Unlock Mac By Apple Watch Problem

The macOS comes with a lot of great features. One of them is the ability to allow unlocking your Mac with your Apple Watch to enhance the security and bring the convenience. However, some users have recently complained that they could not unlock their Mac by their Apple Watch. If you are in the same situations and finding the methods to fix the issue, here are some solutions you can try in this post to reconnect your Watch with your Mac for unlocking conveniently.

How To Fix Cannot Unlock Mac By Apple Watch Issue

Solution 1: Ensure to enter your Mac password at boot up

After activating Apple Watch unlock, you will need to enter the password for your Mac in case you reboot your Mac. This is a security step, which means that anytime you reboot your Mac, you will first need to enter your password. After your Mac goes into sleep mode, you can use your Apple Watch to unlock it.

Solution 2: Ensure to enter your Apple Watch password

Just like your Mac, you will also need to make sure to enter your Apple Watch password. However, you should make sure not anyone can use your Watch to unlock Mac.

Solution 3: disable and then re-enable the feature

On your Mac, go to Apple icon > System PreferenceSecurity & Privacy. Continue click on General tab, then uncheck and check again the Allow your Apple Watch to unlock your Mac box.

Solution 4: Sign in with the same Apple ID on both devices

On your Mac, click Apple icon > System Preferences > iCloud, and confirmed that the Apple ID you signed into is the same as the one on your Apple Watch. On Apple Watch, go to the Watch app > General > Apple ID.

If the Apple ID does not match, the unlocking feature is invalid

Solution 5: Ensure to enable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on your Mac

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi must be turned on the Mac. If Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are disabled, the Apple Watch cannot do a handshake with the Mac for unlocking.

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Solution 6: Ensure your Mac isn’t using Internet Sharing

On your Mac, click Apple icon > System Preferences > Sharing, and make sure Sharing is already off.

Solution 7: Ensure your Apple Watch is in arm’s range length

That being said, you should make sure that your Apple Watch is an arm’s length distance from your Mac so that you can easily unlock your Mac.