Tips and Tricks for fixing Android Smartphone Touch screen

There are number of gadgets available in the market like smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. Nowadays, the manufacturers are keen on giving a touch screen interface to every device they launch because of the latest market trends. In such devices, the screen becomes the most important part as it is the only means of input. Computer or mobile education helps the user to know better about the various parts of the device. With the help of computer or mobile education, one can easily solve minor problems that affect the functioning of the gadget. There are a number of institutes that offer IT computer courses to give an in-depth knowledge about these devices.




Sometimes, the user may face problems in operating a touch screen Android phone. The touch screen may become totally unresponsive or may respond partially. It is important to fix this problem as soon as possible, or else operating the phone can become very difficult. At times, it is easy to fix the touchscreen even without having too much of computer or mobile education knowledge. Here are some techniques that the users can opt to fix the touch screen of their device. They are simple and can be done even by someone who has not done any IT computer or mobile course.


Tips and Tricks for fixing Android Smartphone Touch screen


  • Switch off and on

Tips and Tricks for fixing a Android Smartphone touch screen1

Sometimes, the touch screen of the phone may stop responding because of some issues with its software. Switching off the device and then restarting it after some time may help the device recover. After restarting the smartphone, the touch screen may get back to normal. Also, the user can try removing the battery of the device for 10 seconds and then reassemble it to check if the screen works fine.


  • Remove the sim card


If the above-given method fails to fix the touch screen, the user should remove the sim card and memory card in the phone. At times, the cards inserted in the phone get corrupt and hamper the functioning. So, the user can remove these cards and then switch on the phone to see if the touch screen works fine.

  • Recalibrate the screen

Tips and Tricks for fixing a Android Smartphone touch screen3

The user should read the manual of the smartphone to check if there is a method to recalibrate the screen. Recalibrating the screen can be done either through settings or tools menu or by pressing a combination of buttons. This could help fix the touch screen problem of a smartphone.

  • Upgrade the phone

You can try upgrading the software of the phone to the latest version to check if the screen works fine. If there is any software issue that is leading to unresponsiveness of the screen, then it will be solved by a simple upgrade. A phone can be upgraded by connecting to a computer.

  • Cleaning the device with isopropyl alcohol

Tips and Tricks for fixing a Android Smartphone touch screen 4

The touch screen of a smartphone can be cleaned using isopropyl alcohol. A small brush helps in the application and cleaning of the dust particles. The device should be turned off while cleaning.

  • Reset the phone

Alternatively, you can reset the phone. Resetting the phone can cause loss of data as it puts it back to the factory default mode. So, it is necessary to take a backup of all the data to avoid the loss of contacts, pictures, etc. If the screen has stopped responding completely and the user wants to reset the device, it can be done though PC software or by holding a number of buttons while switching the phone on. The procedure for resetting depends on the phone’s manufacturer and model.

  • Take the phone to the manufacturer

If none of the techniques work, then it is time to take the phone to the manufacturer’s shop. They may have some other techniques to fix the touch screen. Also, if the phone is in the warranty period, you can ask for a complete replacement.

These tips on fixing the touch screen of the smartphone may help you get the phone’s touch screen repaired without much effort. It is always wise to take up computer or mobile education in order to understand your phone better.


  1. Restarting the phone will be much better.
    I used to do that on one of the phones I used. The screen stops responding when the phone is exposed to heat for a long time.