If an Android phone or tablet won’t turn on, there is a high chance it’s has got bricked and its functionalities are no longer available. However, before taking it immediately to the technician, you can try to unbrick your Android device first. Keep reading on this post to know the causes of bricking as well as solutions to unbrick your Android device.

Reasons That Cause Android Devices to Be Bricked

An Android phone that can boot up, but nonfunctional, it is considered a soft bricked. If it won’t turn on, the device is already hard bricked. A soft-bricked will for the device to boot into recovery mode or get stuck at the bootup screen. For example, When you try to flash a new custom ROM without wipe data from the current ROM, your phone will get the bootloop issue, which can cause it to get stuck at the logo screen.

Other reasons that cause it to get bricked:

  • Incorrect installation of updates
  • Problems with rooting Android device
  • Corrupted system files
  • Physical damage to hardware
  • Malware

Solutions to Unbrick an Android Device

Below are potential solutions to unbrick an Android device. You can try each of the following solutions until it can get back to the normal state.

Solution 1: Reinsert your battery

If your Android phone can remove the battery, take it out and then put it back in a secure place. After that, connect your device to the charger and make sure a battery is not the main cause that prevents it from booting up.

Solution 2: Contact your carrier

If your phone gets bricked, you can contact your service provider. They can restore your Android phone as well as recover your data.

Solution 3: Perform a hard reboot

If your Android can turn on and get bootloop, you should try to perform a hard reboot. You can do it by pressing and holding Power + Home buttons. However, it varies from Android devices.

Solution 4: Reboot your phone into recovery mode

If possible, you should try to boot your phone into recovery mode. To do so:

  • Since your phone powers off, press and hold the Volume Up + Power buttons to try rebooting into recovery mode.
  • Use Volume buttons to scroll through the menu and then highlight Reboot system
  • Hit the Power button to choose the highlighted option.
  • Wait to see if your device reboots as normal.

Solution 5: Wipe the cache on your device

Deleting the temporary caches on your Android phone can be a useful trick.  To do so:

  • Reboot your Android phone into recovery mode.
  • Choose Wipe Cache Partition
  • Finally, select Reboot system now.

Solution 6: Restore to factory settings

Since you might have made some modifications on your device, so it has resulted in a soft brick, performing a factory reset can help. A factory reset will restore your Android phone to the state like when you bought it. But, all the data stored on the internal storage. To factory reset your bricked Android device, simply follow these steps below:

  • Reboot your Android phone into recovery mode.
  • Choose Wipe Data / Factory Reset option

  • Use Volume buttons and choose Yes to factory reset your data. Once the process is completed, you will be taken to the recovery menu.
  • Choose Reboot system now option

If it’s successful, Your Android phone will boot up normally and you can set up your device as new.

Solution 7: Reinstall firmware on your Android phone

If you have an SD card available, you can then reinstall the firmware on your Android phone. If you have already installed TWRP recovery on your phone, you can search for a custom ROM for your device. You can also download the stock ROM of your device and flash it again to unbrick your phone.

Follow these steps below to flash the custom ROM again on your Android phone if there is a TWRP recovery available. Otherwise, you can download the stock firmware and use the compatible too to reinstall it.

  • Find and download the correct ROM for your Android device and copy it into an SD card.
  • Insert the SD card into your Android phone.
  • Reboot it into the recovery mode.
  • Tap on Wipe > Advanced Wipe and choose Dalvik, Cache, Data, System. Swipe the slider.
  • Tap on Install option then the ROM.zip file.

  • Finally, reboot your phone.

Solution 8: Put your phone in a bag of rice

If your Android phone suffers the water damage, you should quickly put it in a plastic bag with uncooked rice for 1-2 days. The rice can absorb water, so it can improve the chance of resuscitating your phone.

Solution 9: Contact the manufacturer for further help

If your device is still under the warranty, you can get a  replacement for your device from the manufacturer within free of charge. If your device has been rooted or tweaked, then the warranty will be void, and you need to pay a fee for a fix.

Solution 10: Bring your phone to the repair shop

In case there is physical damage to your phone and it’s out of warranty,  the best solution is to take it to a smartphone repair shop. They have some tools that you cannot find on the internet and fix your bricked Android device.

All the mentioned ways above are potential solutions to unbrick an Android device. If this post is helpful for you, let’s know in the comment below.