Firefox Browser Now Available for iPhone and iPad

I don’t know why it took this long for Firefox for iPhone and iPad to be introduced but anyway, am happy to inform the loyal iOS users that the great Mozilla’s Firefox browser that has been available for so long on other platforms like Android has now make its way through to Apple’s app store for download. Firefox was launched officially yesterday on Apple’s app store, now that it’s an official iOS app, you can use Firefox on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

firefox for iPhone and iPad

Firefox has now join the list of major mobile browsers for the operating system in the likes of Safari(built-in browser by Apple itself) which is the default browser for iOS, Opera which is not that popular among iPhone and iPad users and also the mighty Google’s Chrome browser which most iOS finds interesting, in spite of all these browsers, I guess Firefox has to think of something necessary which these browser are not offering.

“The iOS share of the mobile market continues to grow, and we are always looking for new ways to bring people into the Firefox ecosystem, Being on iOS and giving people a connected Firefox experience helps us achieve that goal.” – A Mozilla spokesman said in his statement.

With Firefox for iOS, you can save Web pages to a reading list so that you can read them offline. You can as well choose default search service including Google, Bing, Yahoo and the likes.switch from one to another.

Also, when you setup your Firefox Account, you can sync your browsing history, tabs and passwords to Firefox for iOS from PCs and other devices that run Firefox browser. Firefox can also keep track of the passwords you use across different devices.

Do you think Firefox browser would be able to gain heart of most iPhone and iPad users?