How To Find Your Lost Android Phone Using Google Search

Do you know you can locate your lost android phone from your laptop or smartphone using google search?

Here is How To Track Your Lost Android Phone Using Google Search

  • Sign in to with the same google account you use on the lost phone
  • Now go to
  • Type “find my phone” in the search box and click search, this will bring the location of your phone on a map with other options.

On the map, you can track where your phone is, other options there are RING, and RECOVER

How To Find Your Lost Android Phone Using Google Search

To ring your device, click on Ring on the map. Your device will ring at full volume for up to five minutes. Once you find it, simply click the power button or the volume key to turn it off.

Using the recover option, you can lock your phone wherever it is, you can try calling your phone, you can Sign out on your phone, you can Reach out to your carrier, you can reach out for local help and as well erase your device. Click on the recover and you will see all the options.


If you want to track your android tablet, you can use this same features. Just follow the steps.

Note: You should have the Google App installed on your Android phone and also your location and data connection should be on for real time tracking.

Wouldn’t it be safe to always keep your data and location on? this will help to track it accurately just in case you lost it or it was stolen.

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