How to Factory Reset Your Laptop Using Recovery Partition

Like people will say, Factory that created pencil, created eraser as well 😉 , this is also applicable to computer terms in the sense that you can factory reset your laptop which also means formatting your laptop. Issues like Computer virus infection, system malfunctioning or other reason may arise, where you will need to restore your laptop back to its original factory setings.

A factory reset is a good way to resolve many computer issues, as well as bring your laptop back to its original state. But have it in mind that whenever you factory reset your laptop, you restore the laptop to its factory settings which means the process will definitely remove all your personal and sensitive information you may have stored on the laptop. Believe me, Factory resetting laptop has got easier, mostly all the new laptop now comes with a recovery partition being an improvement to the former recovery disk as seen in the previous years.

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In your computer file explorer, there is where your laptop recovery software will be, in a partition named “recovery” or something similar depends on your computer brand. To factory reset your laptop using the recovery partition, you don’t run it directly from its location, the recovery partition only contain a software name recovery which stores the files used for recovery process, any change to the partition could affect the system recovery fuctionality. But how can i format my laptop using the recovery partition ? I know that curios mind, lets get to business.


How to Factory Reset Your Laptop Using Recovery Partition

The shot above shows the “Recovery Partition”.

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How to Factory Reset Your Laptop Using Recovery Partition

Note ; Before you start to factory reset your laptop, firstly back up all files and information you wish to keep. This includes photos, folders, documents, music, and videos, because they will be deleted once your laptop is being restored to factory settings.


=> Shutdown and Restart your Computer, While your laptop is in starting up process, quickly hit the appropriate F key or combination of keys for your make of computer.

Here are list of the right buttons to press for some popular laptop brand ;

– HP ; F11

– Dell – F8

– Asus ; F9

– Lenovo ; F11

– Toshiba ; F8 or Zero key

– Acer ; Alt+F10

– Samsung ; F4

– Sony ; F10

Note : In case this fails to work, check for a startup message which may declare what to do to begin a system recovery and check to see if the recovery partition is enabled in BIOS.

But, if your laptop does not have a recovery partition or it has before but has been deleted, then contact your laptop manufacturer.

=> Once you have opened the recovery program screen, hence, follow the instructions very carefully to proceed. In most cases, after you confirm you wish to proceed with a system recovery, the process is automatic. Wait patiently for the entire process to complete, and be sure you receive confirmation saying the process has finished.

Seems easy, right ? Thats It!

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