In a morning, you wake up and want to make a FaceTime call for your friends or your family, but you suddenly realize that FaceTime is not working on your iPhone/iPad. There are some fixes to solve this annoying problem.

Those who have contacted Apple support was advised to update their iOS device to the latest version of iOS. We will update this post as soon as there are more reports about this issue. In the meantime, you can check out the possible methods in this post to fix the “FaceTime Not Working” problem on your iPhone/iPad.

There are many users reported FaceTime problems both over Wi-Fi and LTE connection.

How to Fix FaceTime Not Working on iPhone/iPad

Some are pretty solutions while some go beyond that. There might be some problems with Wi-Fi, Apple’s servers, or router configurations. At this time of writing, Apple servers are still working fine and there is no indication of any problem.

Here are possible solutions, troubleshooting that can help you overcome FaceTime not connecting problem on your iPhone/iPad.

Device Compatibility

Since Apple allowed using FaceTime over Cellular Data, the option was only available for selected devices. Make sure your device is eligible for FaceTime feature.

Data Plan Compatibility

While Verizon and Sprint carriers don’t have qualms about allowing you to do FaceTime over cellular networks, AT&T is somewhat crazy. There are just new users with the Shared Data plans that are eligible to use FaceTime over cellular data on AT&T’s network.

If you are having an AT&T plan, but are not on the Shared Data plans, you should contact your service provider if your data plan allows using FaceTime through Cellular data.

Toggle Airplane Mode

There might be some issues with a network connection. In this case, you should toggle on Airplane Mode from the Settings app, and then disable it after a few seconds. This will refresh your network, whether it is Wi-Fi or Cellular Data connection.

Wi-Fi Issues

Wi-Fi issues are also the main cause of FaceTime problems. Sometimes, unstable Wi-Fi network, misconfigured router settings can prevent your iPhone/iPad from connecting to Wi-Fi that can lead to failures in FaceTime calls.

Re-activate FaceTime

Logging out of FaceTime and singing it back in can also help you fix FaceTime issues that are caused because of the account authentication. Here is how to do so

  • On your iPhone/iPad, head to Settings → FaceTime.

  • Toggle off the switch
  • Now, toggle the switch back on after a few minutes. You will see the ‘waiting for activation…’ popup again.
  • Once FaceTime is activated, you will then see the Apple ID field. Simply tap on it and then select Sign out.
  • Now, log in it again by tapping on Use your Apple ID for FaceTime.

Reset all settings

According to many iOS users on Apple Forums, resetting all settings could fix the issue of FaceTime when it’s not working. There were hundreds of comments agreeing to this fix. To reset all settings, simply go to Settings → General → Reset and select Reset All Settings. Tap on the popup again to confirm the reset.

Hopefully, these methods above could fix the FaceTime not connecting issue on your iPhone/iPad. Share your feedback in the comment section below.


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