It’s hard to find the perfect app to extract the RAR files on Mac computers. There are not many great ways available for extracting the file and it’s quite hard to go through all of them and pick up the best software.

While there are plenty of tools, giving a solution to easily extract RAR file on Mac, here are three best ways to open RAR files on Mac. All the tools in the post are completely free and easy to us. If you do not want to install many tools on your Mac, you can use an online method to extract your downloaded RAR files. So, let’s find out how to extract a RAR file on Mac.

What is a RAR file?

A RAR file is a compressed file, including multiple files or folders combined in a format. Folders can easily be shared or stored as a separate compressed file.

You can find convenient archives, powerful AES-256 encryption, and even repair an archive if there is any damage to it. If you usually extract a ZIP file, the RAR file is another alternative.

Methods to Extract RAR File on Mac

Be default, Mac computers can extract .zip files, but .rar files are another story. There is not any inbuilt tool on Mac that supports extracting these files. Instead, you will need external software or online service to do that. Thus, below are three best ways to extract RAR files on your macOS.

Solution 1: Use Extractor – Unarchive Files App

The Extractor is free software that is now available on the Mac App Store. You can easily download and use it. Just with a few simple clicks from your trackpad, all the RAR files can be extracted in a few seconds. Let’s see how to install and use this tool.

  • Simply open the App Store, type in “Extractor Unarchive Files” in the search box and wait for a few seconds.
  • “Extractor Unarchive Files” will appear first in the result list. You can also click on here and choose View in Mac App Store button to directly go to the App Mac
  • Just click on the Get button next to the app name. Since it will not change to the Install button, you need to click on it again to start installing the tool on your Mac.

When the installation is done, you can now use it to open any RAR files.

To extract a RAR file on your Mac, just right click on the file and move your mouse on to “Open With” option. Choose “Extractor” tool from the list and all the files inside the .rar file will be extracted into a folder located on your Mac storage. It’s usually the desktop.

Solution 2: Use WinZip for Mac

While its name is quite confusing, the software can help you extract any RAR files on Mac in a second. The big difference between “Extractor – Unarchive Files” and WinZip tools is availability. The“Extractor – Unarchive Files” can be downloaded freely from the App Store, WinZip is also free, but you need to download it from an external site. However, you should not worry since WinZip is a trusted site and it’s completely safe to download and install WinZip on your Mac to extract RAR files. Here are simple steps to get WinZip on your computer:

Step 1: Download WinZip tool

Open Safari browser to visit WinZip 7 site for Mac from here. Next, click on the “Download Trial” button. You do not need the Pro version, the trial version of WinZip 7 is already enough to extract RAR files. After clicking on the download button, it will start downloading winzipmacedition7.dmg file on your Mac.

Step 2: Install WinZip 7 on Mac

Once done, simply click on “winzipmacedition7.dmg” file and wait for it. When you see a new dialog popup, just drag the Winzip icon into the Application folder to start installing the software on your Mac. All the files will be copied into your Mac and you are now ready to use the app.

Step 3: Extract RAR file using Winzip

To open a RAR file with WinZip, simply double click on the file or right-click on it and choose “open with WinZip”. All the content inside the RAR file will be shown up in the WinZip interface. You can choose to extract either the individual file or all files to your macOS. Simply choose the files you want to extract and then click on the UnZip button to start extracting them.

The advantage of Winzip over the “Extractor – Unarchive Files” is that it allows you to extract your desired parts of the RAR file, while you need to extract all the files in “Extractor – Unarchive Files” software.

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Solution 3: Use Online Service

If you don’t like installing software on your Mac, then an online tool will be the best choice to extract the RAR file. In this post, we recommend you to use It’s one of the free online websites that allows you to extract RAR file online just with “ drag and drop” feature. Furthermore, you can even download all the content of a RAR file into a ZIP format. MacOS has an inbuilt zip extractor,  it will be easier for you to extract a .zip file.

To extract RAR files online with the help of any tool, go to and click on “Choose file” button to choose a RAR file from your Mac. You can also drag and drop the RAR file to make it simpler.

Once the upload is done, click on “Save it as ZIP” button to download the new zip file with the same content inside. After the new ZIP file is downloaded, double-click to extract the file on your Mac. That’s it!

Above are three best ways to extract RAR files on a Mac, including both online and offline methods. If you do not mind installing apps on your system and have a long term of use, then WinZip or Extractor is the better choice. If you don’t have many files to extract, you can use the online tool to help you.