How To Extend Whatsapp Expiry Date For Free

Whatsapp is free for the first year of usage, but what happens after one year? it gets expired, This is where many people get fed up, not because of $0.99 to renew whatsapp be the problem because it really worth it and wouldn’t stress your pocket much but the fact that many expecially Nigerians finds the payment method difficult. You don’t have to worry so much on using your whatsapp after it gets expired.  So, here in this particular article I will explain how to extend whatsapp expiry date for free.

Mind you, to renew your whatsapp expiry date for free, you have to do it before it actually gets expired, maybe some days or some weeks before the expiring date.

How To Extend Whatsapp Expiry Date For Free techlug_com

How To Check Whatsapp Expiry Date

To check your whatsapp expiry date, Open your WhatsApp application, Locate Settings > Account > Payment Info, you will see service expiration at the top of the page, the date is your whatsapp expiry date.

How To Extend Whatsapp Expiry Date For Free

– Open your WhatsApp application.
– Locate Settings On your whatsapp, being Android, iPhone or any other phone, find the settings option, if you are using android, you can click on the menu option right at the whatsapp chat interface.

– Now select Account , see shot bellow

How To Extend Whatsapp Expiry Date For Free 2 techlug_com

– Click change my number option and Next
– Then input your WhatsApp number in the first box and new whatsapp number in the second box and click done

How To Extend Whatsapp Expiry Date For Free techlug_com
– Complete the verification process, it will show “You’ve successfully changed your number” after the process
– This will extend your whatsapp expiry date for a year.

Chill, you can still change the number back to your former whatsapp number, I know you will be curious to know how;

To change your whatsapp number back, just follow the above process above to change it back.

Note : This Process will renew whatsapp expiry date by a year, in case your whatsapp expiry  remain the same, simply close your whatsapp and re-open it!

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