My Experience With Jumia ( Nig. Online Retailer )

It all happened with knowing and ordering a laptop from them, though it does not goes straight as expected with many setbacks in the process but there are something I wish you learn from my experience.

Online retailer ? How the hell Is that possible? I know this will be a question many that have not hear this before will be willing to ask. Anyway, with online retailer you can order for any item of your choice depends on if its available on the retailer website and get the item deliver to your doorstep though you will have to pay for delivery fee but don’t worry so much, they have already included discounts on the item so you wouldn’t have to pay much as that of the retailers own.

But Does it really pays shopping from online retailer ?

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Let me brief you a little before we continue, I will be discussing in this particular post ;

– How I get to know about Jumia

–  My First Impression On Jumia Website

–  How I Order A Hp Laptop From Jumia

–  What Happens To My Order ?

–  What I can really say about Jumia After My Order Experience

Sit tight and learn from my experience with jumia ( Nig. Online retailer )How I get to know about Jumia

I heard the name Jumia for the first time last year when they are doing their affiliate stuffs where bloggers and site owners place jumia banner on their various website and earn commission on every sales jumia receive through the banner. Seeing this, I check their websites and develop interests in them.

My First Impression On Jumia Website

Glancing through Jumia website, I so much surprise with what I saw with my eyes, guess what ? I saw many items which prices were being slashed like they stole them, a perfect example I can give this is how people sell items they stole, am not saying Jumia items were all stolen one ooo 😉 Like we all like freebies, I fall in love with what I saw but mind you, Not all that are glitters are Gold, they can just appear to be!

Despite many items there, what really matters to me most is their Gadgets & Electronics section, where I came across a Hp Laptop of my choice that have the specs and features I desire with an affordable price, then I said to myself, Dawatech you need to buy this and get rid of your old Hp Compaq friend, hahaha 😉 !

How I Order A Hp Laptop From Jumia

God bless her! After thorough research on the hp laptop I saw on Jumia, I decided to order for the laptop then I discussed it with my Mum, then I was told to give my junior brother my old Hp Compaq laptop. Don’t ask why hp laptop again? Am a good fan of Hp laptop, loves the brand so much.

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Some weeks later, after already being added the hp laptop to my whitlist, I placed an order on it, pay through my Atm card, I added my location where the laptop will be shipped to. Jumia confirmed my order and sent me a confirmation email, then I started waiting for the delivery which on a normal day will take upto 3-7 working days.

What Happens To My Order?

It was the 5th day I ordered the laptop, and guess what? Right at the location I selected which was my school ( Lautech, Ogbomosho.) I received a call from a Dhl agent telling me I get a message, some hours later I took bike there, provided my ID Card and retrieve the item.

Are you hearing DHL for the first time? I know that curious mind, Dhl deal with shipping goods across the globe being local or international shipping. You might be wondering how come I order laptop from jumia and at the end dhl is involved, yeah! Jumia use dhl for the shipping for their customers.

Back to our discussion, though I actually retrieve the item I order for which is an hp Laptop but the problem is that different hp laptop of similar specs was shipped Instead. Ohhh No ! I was like wtf ! is Jumia suggesting for me or did they actually made mistake because the name of the system they delivered and that of the one I order was really similar, but not withstanding they are of different type entirely. Then I started a conversation with their customer service via emails.

Few days later after a lot of exchanged mails, we concluded on returning the item, they sent a retrieval team, through Dhl of course. That’s how I returned the laptop. Days later, I was contacted that their technical team have cross check and see nothing wrong with the returned item, then I ask of the next step of action, next day they sent me a coupon that worth exactly as the money I paid in the first instance for the laptop, then I re order the laptop back but the funniest part is that the price of that same laptop has reduced a little, after ordering the laptop I still get a little change like #3,000 with jumia though is in coupon which I can’t withdraw, then I called their customer service to wire it to my bank account.

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What I can really say about Jumia After My Order Experience

In fact, to say the truth I had a bad experience with this so called Jumia, I used up to a month for the transaction (So bad and affect me in one way or the order) but that’s life for you, Shit happens… But there is two things that make me respect them and will definitely make me go there next time, is there customer service respond, within the period of the transaction I exchange up to 20 mails with like 4 different jumia customer service agent and all went well and fast. And also for them taking customer satisfaction a priority. That’s superb and good of a business organization.

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