Enable Wi-Fi Calling Option On Verizon Pixel & Pixel XL

Wi-Fi calling is becoming more and more popular feature on smartphones nowadays because of its high call quality, especially when you are in the poor signal. The new VoLTE technology comes with the excellent call quality, but not all phones support VoLTE and not all of you can access to network with it.

Thanks to WiFi calling, we can now make use of the strong Wi-Fi network connection instead of having to rely on the poor cellular radio, which might not sometimes penetrate to the inside of your office building or home. If your device supports Wi-Fi calling, such as the Google Pixel and Pixel XL, you can find this option in the dialer settings to enable it. However, Verizon Wireless hid this feature on the Pixel phones they sell to customers, so you are not able to turn it on with the usual way.

Fortunately, there is a method without the root access to enable this feature is simply using the ADB command. Here are steps to enable Wi-Fi Calling on Verizon Pixel phones.

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How to Enable Wi-Fi Calling On Verizon Pixel, Pixel XL

  1. First, install the USB drivers for your device (This is not really necessary for your OS)
  2. Then, download the ADB binary for your particular OS (WindowsMacLinux).
  3. Extract the zip file into a folder so that you can conveniently access to
  4. On your phone, go to Settings > About Phone. Tap 7 times on Build Number to enable Developer Options.
  5. Now, back to Settings and enable USB Debugging in Developer Options.
  6. Plug your phone into the computer and choose “file transfer (MTP)” mode.
  7. Now on your computer, go to the folder where you extracted the ADB binary.
  8. Here, open a Command Prompt. For Windows users, simply hold Shift and Right-clicking on any blank space and then choose “open command prompt here”.
  9. Once you’ve opened the cmd or terminal (on Mac), enter: adb devices
  10. If this is your first time you run ADB, there will be a prompt on your phone asking for authorizing the connection with your computer. Simply grant it.
  11. Now run the adb devices command again and it will then appear the serial number of your device.
  12. Next type in: adb shell
  13. Now execute the following command: settings put global wfc_ims_mode 2
  14. Next, toggle Airplane Mode in your phone On and then back Off.
  15. Go to Settings> Wi-Fi section.

Finally, tap on “More” section you’ll see the Wi-Fi Preferred is activated here. The change will take effect after making a reboot.