Enable Slow Motion in Any Android Phone

One of the attractive features that are still exclusive to almost Android phones is the ability to record slow-motion videos. Although most of the other features have brought to budget smartphones, the ability to record slow motion videos is only available for flagship devices. However, if you cannot record slow-motion videos with the inbuilt feature, there are still third-party apps, allowing you to add slow-motion effects to your videos. With these apps, you can easily record slow-motion videos on any Android phone. If you feel interested in this feature, keep reading this post and we’ll show you how to activate slow motion on any Android device.

How to Enable Slow Motion in Any Android Device

There is a dozen of third-party apps, offering slow-motion video recording, almost them are trash. After testing a number of apps, we chose Slow Motion Video FX (free, or in-app purchases) to help in recording slow motion videos. Here is how you can use the app to turn on slow-motion video.

Enable Slow Motion Video with Slow Motion Video FX App
  1. After you have installed the Slow Motion Video FX app on your Android phone, simply open it. From there, hit “Slow Motion FX” button, and then choose if you want to record a new video or apply slow motion effect to an existing video. In this post, we will select the second “Choose movie” option.
  2. Once you have imported the video, you will be given a short tutorial on how to use the app, but you can skip this tutorial.
  3. To use the app, you should know that editing will take place in the timeline which is divided into two parts. Take note of the two dots in the middle, which will take responsibility for marking the start and the end of your effect. You can also slide the dots up and down if you want to change the speed of the video.  Make sure that both the dots are under the partition line in order to enable slow-motion video. The slower will be the video.

With Slow Motion Video FX app, you can also speed up your videos. To do it, in the editor, simply slide the dots above the partition line from left to right.

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Other Android Apps to Record Slow Motion Videos

Although Slow Motion Video FX is a great app, there are many apps out there. Some of the other apps can help you like Video Slow Reverse Player (Free with in-app purchases) and Slow Motion Frame Video Player (Free). 

How to Shoot Slow Motion Videos 

Although using the third-party apps to record slow motion videos is never as good as the ones recorded inbuilt slow motion feature, you still have an almost similar effect, which comes in handy a lot. Just try the above apps and let us know if you liked them or not. Also, if you are using another one and feel it is better than these ones, share its name and its download link in the comments below. We’ll thank you so much.