5 Things About The New Edge Browser In Windows 10

Have you heard of the new browser replacing the Internet Explorer? Bye bye to IE, Edge is the new thing introduced by Microsoft that will replace the previous browser in the new Windows 10.  As said by Charles Morris, Microsoft principal program manager lead on Edge

“We needed to do more than produce the next version of the browser. We needed a new way of doing things,”

Edge will the default browser for Windows 10 which will soon be out, Edge browser wouldn’t run on the Windows Older version but will be available in all Windows 10 Editions. But the question is this, will Edge offers more than what Internet Explorer does?

5 Things About The New Edge Browser For Windows 10


new edge browser for windows 10

New Features Of Edge Browser

  • Cortana integration.
  • Ability to mark up Web pages for sharing and note-taking tasks.
  • Automatically build reading lists.
  • Full-screen reading modes.

Support Extensions

Edge will support JavaScript-based extensions, allowing third parties to customize views of Web pages and add new functionality, such as those found in browsers like Chrome and Firefox, good it will be available in Microsoft Edge. Also, Joe Belfiore, Microsoft corporate vice president of the operating systems group said in his statement that “Chrome extensions will be able to be adapted to the Edge browser with minimal configuration

Note that Extension support won’t be available with the initial release of the Edge, but will be available by the end of the year.

More Speed!!!

The most important aspect when it comes to browsers, Speed! Edge have it all, the browser is super fast, according to Microsoft, Edge beat the latest beta 64-bit builds of the Chrome and Firefox browsers using Using the Google Canary benchmarking software, also the current build of Edge ran twice as fast as IE 11.


EdgeHTML will support modern markup languages just like in Chrome and Safari. The new HTML-based tools are coming to Microsoft Edge including Web Audio, Touch Events, HTTP/2 and more.

Microsoft take it personal

Don’t be surprise that in the Edge browser, Microsoft’s Bing search service and the Microsoft’s virtual personal assistant service, Cortana are tightly integrated into the browser. So, when you opt in for these services, these keep track of your actions on the browser so as to gather information that would help you through your web experience.


What do you think of the new Microsoft Edge browser?