DSTV or Netflix? Which is Best for Nigerians?

    Netflix is a popular online TV service which allows subscribers to watch their favourites TV shows and movies over the internet. Netflix has millions of subscribers across over 40 countries. Not too long ago, the internet and social media was flooded with news that Netflix had now extended its paid online TV service to Nigeria. Surprisingly, this news came as an excitement to many Nigerians especially those who have been yearning for a powerful rival to DSTV. So I was just wondering what is there to celebrate in Netflix for Nigerians? Well I decided to try it out myself and this is my conclusion.


    dstv vs netflix

    DSTV is surely a popular premium TV service that has established some level of good dominance in Nigeria. They no offer many channels ranging from Movie channels, music channels to sports channels. Despite the awesome service from them, DSTV has earned the criticism of many Nigerians for their high rates. Yes, they have some cheap plans starting from N1800 to N14,000 but the catch is; the more you pay, the more channels you get.


    dstv or netflixOn the other hand,  Netflix charges $7.99 for its Basic plan (1,600 Naira), which actually gives a subscriber access to all the content. Subscribing to a higher plan (Standard Plan for $9.99 (2000 Naira) or Premium Plan for $11.99 (2,400 Naira)) only increases the quality of the video to HD or ultra HD or increases the number of simultaneous views. But there is one problem with Netflix.


    While DSTV offers a decoder that enables you watch your favourite channels without connecting to the internet, Netflix does not have a decoder, so you will need to connect to the internet to be able to watch anything. I simply can’t see how Netflix is a good alternative for DSTV in Nigeria.

    When you pay for your DSTV subscription you are actually paying for the content and also the access to the content. But when you pay for your Netflix subscription you are only paying for the content. To be able to watch anything on Netflix you will have to subscribe for a data plan. Hmmmmmm! Let’s do a little maths.

    For example, Etisalat re-branded their videopak for Netflix, but at 400 Naira ($2) for 2 hours unlimited streaming, the monthly cost adds up to 24,000 Naira, assuming 4 hours of video view per day, which makes DSTV Premium cheaper by far.
    Airtel’s plan offering an hour of unlimited video streaming at 180 Naira, is not far behind at 21,600 Naira.

    So, for the Netflix economics to become reasonable enough to challenge DSTV, cheaper data plans will have to emerge. However, this is not likely to happen anytime soon because, the prices of data plans are where they are for a reason.

    Another quarrel I have with Netflix is their poor local contents. Unlike DSTV, most channels on Netflix are foreign channels, showing foreign stuffs that may not suit some Nigerian Subscribers. My other bigger quarrel with Netflix is the seeming none availability of many sport channels. Football freaks like me would rather stick with DSTV for now.

    What is your view on this? I love reading YOUR comments. Cheers.