Dell XPS 15 is a Powerhouse, See Review And Price

If you happen to be in the market shopping for or hoping to find a laptop that combines class, beauty with excellent performance then you can as well try your luck with the latest Dell XPS 15. Sporting a Sleek and slim design; Attractive aluminum and carbon fiber body; Roomy touchpad; 1080p model gets over 10 hours of battery life; Optional super-sharp UHD touch screen; Optional Nvidia GPU, the Dell XPS 15 hopes to catch your attention.
What is more to adore about the Dell XPS 15 is the fact that Dell offers the brilliant aluminum and carbon fiber design that debuted on the XPS 13, but this Ultrabook boasts of a bigger 15.6-inch screen to give you a more viewing comfort and optional extras, including a UHD screen and Nvidia 960M graphics.



In my opinion, the Dell XPS 15 can favorably compete with any other premium 15-inch on the market, The lid and bottom panels are constructed out of smooth brushed aluminum, while the
interior features a light but durable carbon-fiber deck coated with a subtle soft-touch finish.


Impressively, the Dell XPS 15 provides enough room for three
USB 3.0 ports (including one Type-C port with speedy Thunderbolt 3 support), HDMI, an SD card reader and a headset jack. The larger 15-inch size also means there’s more room on the inside, which Dell puts to good use by offering an optional Nvidia GTX 960M GPU for those who wants something like that anyway!
Generally speaking, the design of the XPS 15 is breath taking.


First it’s important to note that the Dell XPS 15 comes in various models and configurations and so also varies the price. For example some come with a touch screen while others don’t. My review copy came loaded to the brim with a 6th- gen Intel Core i7-6700HQ CPU, 16GB of RAM, 512GB of NVMe storage and an Nvidia 960M GPU Meanwhile another model I tested features the exact same setup, minus the UHD screen. These specs make the XPS 15 a speedy mobile workhorse that churns things like spreadsheets and multiple PDFs with ease, even with multiple 1080p video streams running in the background. That’s awesome or what do you say?



The model you go for should be determined by the size of your pocket but the model of the Dell XPS 15 I tested starts at $999 which goes around over N200,000 in naira value.

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