Cool Features of the New Android N You Should Know

Google is always striving to be at the top, not just as Internet giants but best OS providers. The Android 6.0 marshmallow came out last year and Google is already up with another new Android version. Google’s newest software, the Android N came with different unique features and new android abilities. We took our time to select some of the coolest features the Android N comes with and here they are;

Android N features

Work Mode

Within a set of “Android for Work” updates in Android N, this build allows for a Word Mode toggle. Like you’d toggle your communication features on or off with Airplane Mode, so too will you be able to turn on or off access to several things at once: “Work profile apps, background sync, and notifications are all disabled, including the profile owner app.” Also in Android for Work updates is a new ability to Remote Reboot. This is good for device users who have devices that are active but don’t necessarily have all their buttons available with easy access. Like they’re in a glass case – remote reboot will be helpful here in emergencies.

Wallpaper Lockdown

Also within a collection of Android for Work updates is a “Lock Down Wallpaper” feature. With “Disallow_Set_Wallpaper”, only the owner of the device is able to set a new wallpaper. Apple would do well to use something like this for their devices at Apple Stores.

Direct Reply

Much like apps like Slack for Desktop, users are soon going to be able to reply to notifications directly  without needing to tap back into said apps.

Multi-Window Support

You must’ve heard rumors that Google would finally be enabling
split-screen functionality in Android. The rumors were true. Here it is. Expect to be able to run two apps at once AND see two apps at once in many Android smartphones soon.

What do you think of Android N features?