Common iPhone XR Issues and Their Fixes

If you are using an iPhone XR, there are chances that you are dealing with whopping issues; whether it is related to connectivity, or the performance of your phone. Even though the iOS 12.1.1 update has officially been released, no one can be sure if the fixes will be available soon. As an iPhone XR owner, you can always encounter the problems on your own. Fortunately, most of the common issues on the iPhone XR can be fixed without an update. This tutorial will take you through a series of fixes so that you can better know how to deal with them.

Common iPhone XR issues and solutions to fix them

Problem 1: Face ID problems

If your iPhone cannot register your face when you scan it in a room, make sure the light in this room is good enough. You should also bring your phone closer to your face to fix the issue quickly. But the problem might be more difficult than usual and a quick fix could not help. Here is what to do with the Face ID issues.

Many users usually get trouble with the Face ID after the completion of the setup. If you are also a victim and find it difficult to unlock your iPhone XR with Face ID, you should look on the screen actively. To get Face ID work properly, you need to give your device a proper attention.

  1. The Face ID can learn to recognize your face when you acclimatize with that, so it might fail to work properly if your appearance has some changes constantly.

If the solution doesn’t help to fix the Face ID issue, you should get in touch with the Apple support center, as the issue might relate to the hardware of the device.

Problem 2: Bluetooth issues

There are also several users dealing with problems while they connect their iPhone XR to Bluetooth device. If you are one of them as well, here is what you should do to resolve the issues.

  1. Open Settings app of your device and tap on Bluetooth.
  2. Tap on “i” in the circle next to the connectivity issues
  3. Select Forget this device
  4. Finally, try to reconnect to your Bluetooth device and check if it works.

If you cannot still connect your iPhone with the other Bluetooth devices, you should consider resetting Settings on your device.

  1. Head over to the Settings menu tap on General > Reset.
  2. Select Reset Network Settings which will prevent the device from automatically connecting to the known Wi-Fi networks, so you need to have the password handy to sign into the network again.
  3. Try to reconnect your iPhone XR with Wi-Fi and check if the problems still remain.

You can also try to reset your iPhone to its factory faults by following these steps below.

  1. Navigate to the Settings and tap on General
  2. Tap on the ResetReset All Settings

Problem 3: Slowdown of the device

You always want your iPhone XR to go on functioning normally. Even when it wakes up to a fine, the phone still functions as a small-sized computer and it may still slow down sometimes. You don’t want to power off your phone for a long time or restart it. However, there are steps you should do to check the speed of your phone.

Solution: Force restart your iPhone XR

Here is to reboot your iPhone XR.

  1. Press and quickly release the Volume Up button
  2. Do it the same with the Volume Down button
  3. Press and hold on to the Power button until you see Apple Logo on the screen. After that, just release the button.

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Problem 4: Restoration of iCloud on your iPhone XR

If you get stuck with your phone while updating the iCloud settings, the solution you can try is performing a hard reset. However, first, you need to force restart your iPhone first before performing a hard reset by following these steps above.

Once follow the mentioned steps correctly, the phone will reboot itself. Once it turns on, you should try it again. Due to some problems, you may encounter while restoring the iCloud, your phone might automatically create a local backup when connected to the computer and restore it on your new iPhone XR. If you cannot back up the data of your iPhone properly, you can then look for help from the Apple store. The company has also released a troubleshooting tutorial if you deal with issues during iCloud restoration. Just head over to the page and find the appropriate solutions.

Problem 5: Wi-Fi Problems

Several users are also facing trouble with the Wi-Fi connection while the rest are facing trouble with slow speed. So, if your iPhone XR cannot connect to the Wi-Fi or the speed is very slow, you should then try the following steps to fix the problem.

Solution 1: Checking the latest version of iOS and router

  1. If your iPhone is running on the latest iOS 12.1.1 version, but it still fails to fix the problem, you can then toggle the Wi-Fi on and off and check if it can fix the issue.
  2. If the above step does not help you, you should check the router of the ISP or the Internet Service Provider. Checking the outages through the IPS social media pages can be a good solution to detect the issue. When you confirm that there is no issue of the outage, you should unplug the router for a minute if possible.

Solution 2: Forget Wi-Fi network

If the Wi-Fi connection does not function normally even after you check the router and your iOS device, you can then forget the network on your new iPhone XR. Here is how to get it done:

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone
  2. Tap on a Wi-Fi connection
  3. Tap on the “i” in the circle next to that Wi-Fi
  4. Tap on Forget this network at the top of the screen.

Solution 3: Reset network settings

You can consider resetting the network settings of your iPhone when you deal with slow speed on the Wi-Fi connection.

  1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone
  2. Tap on GeneralReset
  3. Select Reset Network Settings

You can also try to reset the settings to its factory default by choosing Reset All Settings on the same screen.