Commander One: Mac Finder Alternative For MacOS X

Apple has removed the free upgrade for OS X, so making OS X Mavericks is free for all Mac users. However, the support for Finder has been lost and you need to look for Finder alternatives. Mac Finder is indispensable for GUI experience. Its functionality remained same in spite of the big developments in the operating system. So, in this post, we’ll present you alternatives for Mac finder, which is Commander One.

It is the best dual-panel file manager for MacOS which can combine both the FTP client with the browser and makes it easy to manage all system processes. You can use it as FTP client for your Mac as well as copy, paste, delete, compress, and uncompress files.

Commander One allows you to handle files on the local drives and the FTP servers. Its compatibility can even be extended to Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, and Amazon S3 with Pro Pack subscriptions.

Install and Use Commander One For MacOS X

  • Visit the Commander One website.
  • Click “Download” button on the screen.

  • Double-click on the commander.dmg file to start the installation.
  • Now, drag the Commander One icon to ~/Application Folder.

Commander One As Mac Finder

  • This alternative allows you to create, edit, rename, files and folders and more just with a few clicks. You can easily control the file operations in Commander One. Unlimited tabs, remote driver, and three-view modes, etc Commander One includes all.
  • It supports three view types in each pane tab. In the similar grounds such as Finder’s ListIcons, and Column view, Commander One comes with FullBrief and Thumb view.
  • Each panel and tab has its own view and gives you a full control over the explorer.
  • Allow assigning a custom shortcut with the hotkeys and you are set to use Commander One as the finder.

Commander One As FTP Client

  • It can work as an FTP client, which gives you the accessibility to the cloud storages such as DropBox, Google Drive, and other services. You can easily setup Commander One as FTP client for Mac by following the on-screen steps
  • Open the Commander One from ~/Application Directory or on the Dock
  • Head to the FTP Connections in the toolbar
  • Now, press “+” icon to add a new FTP connection.
  • Next, select the protocol as FTP or SFTP or FTPS.
  • In “Server” box, enter the IP address of the of the hosted server
  • Enter the login information in the “Login” and “Password” section.
  • Now press the “Connect” button and you will see the server displayed as a mounted local drive on your Mac.
  • The software lets you transfer and edit files over FTP and you can change the permissions for files.

Features Of Commander One

Unlimited Tabs:

With supporting a dual-panel window, you can get the unlimited number of tabs in each of the panel and you don’t have to close the previous tabs between a work session as well.

Furthermore, there is a history feeding, which takes a record of the recently visited section for optimizing your work.

Customizable Interface:

Commander One gives you several display modes in form of Full, Brief and Thumb mode. You can customize the interface as your needs. It also allows you to assign the custom shortcuts to the hotkeys to manage files faster. There is a one-click switch, which helps you show or hide the hidden files on the disk.

Cloud Storage and Remote Servers:

The utility is the best-experienced integration of the cloud storage services. You have the accessibility to manage the cloud storages and servers as the local drives of your machines.

Cross-Platform Control:

Using commander one, you will also be able to control the Android or iOS devices without needing to switch from app to app. That’s why the Commander One becomes one of the best finder alternatives.

Themes &Personalization:

You won’t have to stick to the boring black and white software UI. The Commander One software lets you choose from a variety of color schemes and a wide range of font formats.

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Operation Queue:

The software also offers the quickest and handiest way for you to copy, move, delete and even modify the files. You can create a queue of operation in the background in order to pause, resume, or view the process.

Advanced Search Options:

The best part of Commander One is that if you can’t remember the name of the file, simply enter keywords inside that file and you will then see the results. The search process is greatly optimized, so finding a file or folder is not difficult.

If you are searching for a finder alternative in your macOS, then Commander One is a worthy try as it comes with a range of accessibility and useful features. You can also pay a nominal fee for Pro version to get the FTP client-server and cloud storage services.