Cloud Storage Services : The Pros And Cons

Why Storing files in Cloud Storage? Have you ever think of what will happen if cloud storage service provider goes out of business? In my previous post “Google Drive, OneDrive & Dropbox – Best Cloud Storage For You?” I explained Google Drive, OneDrive & Dropbox, thier pros and cons, difference between them and more. Now you can learn the most demanding skills from Intellipaat which is one of the most popular elearning platform who provides big data analytics training,data science, blockchain and aws certified solutions architect training taught by industry experienced trainers.

Specifically, the question is whether will your data be more secure on your server or in the cloud? So in this particular post, I will explained the pros and cons of cloud storage.


cloud storage pros and cons

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Cloud Storage Service – The Pros

  • Automation ; Synchronizing ensures all your files are automatically updated across all your devices, this is one of the advantages of cloud storage because it saves the stress of manually backing up of data.
  • Accessibility ; Many cloud storage service provider enable the accessing of files from the web from any place, any time with varieties of mobile devices available , from tablets to smartphone, netbooks, desktop and others.
  • Sharing ; With cloud storage, you can easily share any file being a single file or folder across millions of people with just a click.
  • Invisibility ; Cloud storage is invisible with no physical appearance or even occupy space, unlike the other storage it does not take any space in home or office.
  • Security ; Since data in cloud can be encrypted to resist unauthorized access, storing classified or sensitive files in cloud is often more secure than storing it locally, most especially for business.
  • Multiple Access ; Depends on your demand, you can opt for a cloud storage that enable many people with authorization to access the files in cloud storage, this will allow them accessing the files remotely any place, at any time.
  • Recovery ; In case of data loss, cloud storage services serves as a backup .

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Cloud Storage Service – The Cons

  • Internet Connection ; In order to be able to access your files in the cloud, you need an internet connection, so if you don’t have access to internet , you will definitely no have access to your files in the cloud unlike other storage that you can access locally without an internet connection.
  • Data Security ; As much as storing confidential information in cloud is secure, so is liable to security breach if care is not taken. Since the cloud storage is controlled through security credentials (username, password etc.), if this are area is not taken care of well or is weak, it might put your data security as risk.
  • Accessibility Performance ; Since cloud storage services use internet connection, no matter how fast the internet speed is, it can never be compare with accessing your files locally. Definitely, if you are accessing your files in cloud storage with a slow internet connection, so your accessibility slows down.
  • Bandwidth Limitation ; Most cloud storage service provider offer limited bandwidth with specific allowance of bandwidth, however you can pay significant charges to have access to some amount of bandwidth.

Is Obvious that the pros of cloud storage overshadow that of its cons, this shows how important it is.

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