How To Check If Your MacBook Pro Battery Needs A Replacement

You think your old MacBook Pro is aging when discovering that your battery just lasts for one or two hours on a single charge. That time, your laptop needs to replace a new battery, which can be replaced easily at an Apple Store or other shops.

While the battery is at the end of its life, that doesn’t mean you will have to buy a new MacBook Pro. Older MacBook and MacBook Pro models can still be updated to macOS Mojave. If you feel the battery on your MacBook Pro battery is at the end of the life, then you can check out if you need a replacement without the need for doing anything complicated.

Check Charging Cycles

The simplest way to see if you need to replace a new MacBook Pro battery is looking at how many charging cycles of the battery.

A charge cycle will use all battery power and charge it to full. Each cycle will be from empty to full. So, if you have used 50% of your battery, then charge it to full and use 50%. Recharging the next day will count as a cycle as well.

Batteries just last for a certain number of cycles before they degrade and cannot hold a charge.

Visit Apple’s support website, and you will see a list of the cycle count, which is for its MacBooks. Therefore, newer MacBook Pro and all MacBook Air devices have a cycle count of 1,000. It means that the battery can overcome 1,000 cycles before it’s expected to crap out. Although some can last longer & some not much, 1,000 is the rough estimate.

To check how many cycles your battery has been through, you just follow these below steps:

  • Head to the Apple logo from the menu bar in the top-left corner and then click on About This Mac.
  • Then, select System Report.
  • From the left-hand sidebar, choose Power. After clicking on this, it will show up a lot of information about the battery of your MacBook, which includes capacity and other general tidbits that you don’t have to know. All you need is to scroll down until the Health Information option appears. Under that, take a look at Cycle Counts.

For your Mac, the number can be lower or higher, depending on the time you use your MacBook or MacBook Pro. If it’s getting close to 1000 times, you should keep a closer eye out on your laptop’s battery, and you may need to replace it soon.

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How Much Does A New Battery Cost?

If your MacBook is out of warranty and you want to replace the battery, then you can take it to Apple Repair and replace it from $129 to $199, depending on your model. On older models, you can purchase a new one and do it yourself.

Of course, Apple is not the only option. If you want to save more cash when replacing a new battery on your MacBook, there is a great place to purchase a battery that is Other World Computing, which is selling batteries for even older MacBooks. You can even buy one as low as $79 for a 2009 MacBook Air.