Whatsapp Stops Working On These Devices

Whatsapp Stops Working On These Devices.

WhatsApp finally cut support for millions of smartphones using outdated operating systems. Users with these devices wouldn't be able to use Whatsapp on their phone anymore. Early last year, Whatsapp released the...
google pixel phone

Google Unveiled its First Smartphone, Pixel – See Specs and Features

In an event today at San Francisco, Google announced it's first smartphone, Pixel alongside other hardware, Google home, rival to the Amazon Echo, Daydream View, and others. Pixel is of two...

This Guy throw iPhone 7 Plus from World tallest building – Watch what Happened

What do you think would happen when an iPhone 7 plus is thrown from the world tallest building, Burj Khalifa in Dudai? Absolutely, someone must be out of his mind. TechRax, a...
Facebook Messenger secret conversation

Facebook activate Secret Conversation in Messenger

Sounds weird, huh? Ok, A secret conversation in facebook Messenger is conversation that are secured with end-to-end encryption, this means your conversation which are intended just for you and the other...

This New Smart Necklace Measures Calories Via Sound

We have seen smart phones, smartphone watches, smart bracelet, smart band but smart necklace seem a bit strange to us. However, it doesn't change the fact that we can start having...
YouTube Connect

Tech giant Google is working on a Periscope competitor called YouTube Connect

Tech giant, Google is not repenting on its efforts to bring technology to everyone. They are working on a possible contender to the Twitter video streaming app Periscope, the YouTube Connect. The app...
Sony IMX318 22.5MP sensor

Sony Announce New IMX318 22.5MP sensor with fast auto-focus

You are well aware of the fact that the smartphone market is growing everyday just as the crave for quality is also growing. Obviously, one feature that people would want to...
Apple iPad Air 3

Apple iPad Air 3 Coming Soon. See What it Looks Like

For most fans of Apple Inc. The Apple iPad Air 2 is already becoming obsolete and many have wondered why Apple has been reluctant especially with the release of something like...
iPhone 7

2016: See Expected Tech Products to Be Launched

The year 2016 promises to be a great year not only our lives as humans but also in the world of technology. To make this a reality, many tech companies have...
Kim Kardashian Kimoji

Checkout Kim Kardashian’s App, Kimoji that crashed Apple Store, Making $1 Million per minute

Apple Store welcomes Kim Kardashian's new App on Monday as the 35years old reality show star unveiled her new emoji app, which features 250 icons related to her life and persona. Minutes...

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