Apple iPad Air 3

Apple iPad Air 3 Coming Soon. See What it Looks Like

For most fans of Apple Inc. The Apple iPad Air 2 is already becoming obsolete and many have wondered why Apple has been reluctant especially with the release of something like...

Firefox Browser Now Available for iPhone and iPad

I don't know why it took this long for Firefox for iPhone and iPad to be introduced but anyway, am happy to inform the loyal iOS users that the great Mozilla's...
Jailbreak iOS 9 iPhone

How To Jailbreak iOS 9 iPhone and iPad

Good news for iOS 9 users, iOS 9 jailbreak is finally out, thanks to the PanGu team, you can now jailbreak your iPhone and iPad with ease, and enjoy your device...
Update your iPhone and iPad to iOS 9 Right Now

How to Update your iPhone and iPad to iOS 9 Right Now

Now you can update your iPhone and iPad to the new iOS 9 like right now now :) Apple made a free software update of it's mobile operating system for iPhone...
Top 6 Android And iOS Browsers

Top 6 Android And iOS Browsers

If there is one application you must have on your android and iOS device, it must be a browser. An Android or iPhone without a browser is like a car without...
How to Change APN Settings on Android & iOS Phones

How to Change APN Settings on Android & iOS Phones

APN settings of Android, iPhone & iPad is a simple task that can be done within a blink of an eye. What is APN? APN(Access Point Name) is the network or carrier...
iPhone Vs Android

iPhone Or Android: Which One Is Better?

Android and iPhone are the trending smartphone in the market today though there are other close competitors like the Windows Phone and BlackBerry, But most people end up choosing between Apple's...
how to reset iphone & ipad

How To Reset iOS Devices(iPhone & iPad)

Smartphones and Laptops due crash, so iPhone and ipad does, your ios device apps might freezes and to fix this you might need to factory reset iPhone or factory reset iPad....
Swiftkey App For iOS ; Make Typing Faster And Easier

Swiftkey App Now Available On iOS ; Make Typing Faster And Easier

This is a good news for iOS user, the great swiftkey keyboard which is already available for a while now on Android devices is now available on iOS users ( iPhone...


After the release of BBM for Android & iphone, RIM the blackberry company don't stop there , last month they unveil another features in there blackberry z10 and other BBOS which...

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