How to boot Android phone into safe mode to troubleshoot problems

Easy way to access Android safe mode to fix issues with your phone.

Android device might start showing up their naughty behaviour, issues like lagging, freezing or apps misbehaving, there is a special mode to troubleshoot these kind of problems, Safe mood, whereby all third party apps you installed on your Android phone would be disabled, this will enable you to fix any error caused by a misbehaving app or settings you mistakenly tampered. A typical example of this is when you installed an app and all of a sudden your android phone start misbehaving, without stressing yourself much, it’s obvious it’s due to the app you installed, common issue with this is the app settings clashing with your phone system settings.

To fix this type of error, you have to disable all third party apps since you can’t say exactly which app is causing the issue, here is how to fix it;

Booting Android phone into safe mode

For most Android phones, to enter safe mode, you will have to press and hold the power key to bring the power options; power off, reboot and airplane mode, you wouldn’t see the safe mode option, it’s actually there but hidden under the power off option, to access it, you will have to press and hold the power off option for some seconds, this will pop up a message asking “Do you want to reboot into safe mode?” press OK to confirm.Your device will now reboot into safe mode.

Android phone safe mode

Boot Android phone into safe mode

But this might be different on your own device, if that is the case, you may need to press volume down key or both volume buttons together when restarting to enter Safe Mode.

Now that you have reboot your Android phone to safe mode, its operating system would be reverted to default settings and all third party apps wouldn’t work, they will be idle for the main time, then you can be able to narrow down the app tampering with your phone system. You can uninstall the app or clear the data cache for any suspicious app.

How to Exit Safe mode

It’s pretty simple, reboot your Android phone to exit safe mode. Note this, you might lose some app settings to safe mode process, not all app though. Also, apps like Facebook and Twitter might prompt you to login again, this is the due to the fact that your login details have been cleared.

If you are having any issue with this process, let me know.

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