How to Block Ads in Apps & Games on Android

The ads are appearing in a number of the apps and services on our Android devices, they might sometimes make you frustrated. So if you’re looking for solutions to block ads in apps and games, we have some different methods for to try.

How to Block Ads on Android Without Root

The first method to get rid of ads is for the non-root Android phones. There is an app, called DNS66, which takes advantage of Android’s built-in VPN service to remove ads at the DNS level. If you feel the detail difficult, see the explanation.

DNS66 blocks the specific domain names from a list when you first visit a site or open a game or app. But the app will not run in the background the entire time. Instead, it only checks the list, filters out any ads, and then stops running. Therefore, you can save more battery life without worrying about the ads.

Steps To Install

  • First, activate developer options menu in Settings > Build Number> tap on it 7 times.
  • Once done, turn on Unknown Sources to install unknown apps
  • Download DNS66 from F-Droid
  • Install it and after launching it, swipe through the introduction or simply press Skip
  • Tap on the Domain Filters tab at the bottom of the screen.
  • Turn all filters on, except the fifth one
  • Tap the refresh button
  • Wait a few seconds to download the ad-block filters
  • Tap on the Start/Stop tab
  • Long-press the power button to start the service
  • Tap OK to grant the VPN connection request

DNS66 will not connect to a remote VPN. Instead, it’s using a virtual, built-in Android VPN feature so as to filter the ads.

Block Ads on Android with Root

If your Android phone or tablet has already been rooted, Adaway is a great solution for you. It’s one of the most popular choices to block ads. Although Google removed it from the Play Store, it is still available for the download at other sites like XDA Developers.

Adaway comes with the same function as other ad-blockers. Instead of only blocking the actual ads, it blocks all servers distributing the ads. It, of course, well remove ads in any browser as well as inside apps and games. The AdAway is available here for the download and installation. Another option you can also try is Adguard.

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Block Ads on Android Web Browser

There is one more option to remove some ads on your Android phone. If downloading the third party apps or rooting is too technical for, you can try a completely new web browser.

It’s not the Samsung’s Internet app or Google Chrome, we recommend you here to use AdBlock Browser for your Android device. You can download it directly from the Google Play Store so it’s safe and secure.

Adblock Browser is very easy to use besides its high customization giving you a control over the browsing experience. The apps can replace Google Chrome along with ads blocks, so it delivers a fast experience, save battery life at the same time. Using this browser will help you go away ads, keep you safe from malware, and allow you to turn the filters on and off easily.

These are solutions to block ads in apps and games on your Android device. If you have other useful ways, let’s know in the comment.