Best Speedy and Simple Launchers For Android

One of the best things in Android system is its customizability. You can easily configure every Android aspect to make it look stunning and behave exactly to your liking. And the simplest way to customize your device is using launchers. There are hundreds of launchers available on Google Play Store, and some of them come with simplicity and speed. Here are four best speedy and simple launchers that you should try on your Android device.

Best Android Launchers For Speed and Simplicity

ASAP Launcher

The first one in the list is ASAP Launcher, which has been available for many years. If you are looking for a fast launcher experience, then this launcher is for your device. ASAP Launcher takes advantage of cards and a slide-up expandable dock to bring a fast launcher experience. It also comes with “swipe” gestures which allow you to easily access app drawer, quick setting, contacts, and others.

There will be standard themes, including dark, light, day/night theme and the wallpaper theme that can automatically choose the color from the current wallpaper as well as adjust the color profile. This is a great theme that you should not skip.

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Evie Launcher

Another launcher focusing on speed and simplicity is Evie launcher. It gives you a clean home screen coming with a permanent dock and a search bar. One of the best features of this launcher is that it lets you easily swipe down from anywhere on the home screen to activate universal search bar that can be used for searching everything such as contacts, apps, and more.

Similar to ASAP launcher, the Evie launcher also offers a control over the customizability of its interface. The launcher allows you to customize the layout, wallpaper, icon size, app icons to your liking. Simply install it from Play Store and you will love using all things that Evie offers.

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Flick Launcher

If you are looking for a fast launcher, but comes with more customization options, then you should grab Flick Launcher. The launcher is inspired from the Google Pixel Launcher design, but it even includes more tweaks over Google Pixel launcher. It lets you customize the interface just by changing the colors and using pre-installed modes such as night mode, immersive mode. You can also change the animation style to make your Android different.


One of the interesting features is that it lets you customize the dock. You can easily change icons and widgets in it, the icon of the app drawer, and even its height and background. The launcher also comes with a support for gestures, notification badges, animated icons.

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Lean Launcher

Another lightweight and fast launcher which allows you to experience the launcher of Google’s Pixel 2 Launcher on your device is Lean launcher. It gives you the same bottom search bar with voice input integrated into. There are also automatic light and dark mode which can automatically change depending on your wallpaper and the widget at the top. Other features of Lean launcher include gesture controls, app shortcuts, adaptive icons, and many more. Simply install the launcher to experience all its features.

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