Five Best New MIUI 10 Features You Should Know

In the launch event of Xiaomi Mi 8, the Chinese company also introduced highly customized Android OS – MIUI 10 for Xiaomi phones, which comes with a ton of new features to the table. If your device in the compatible list of being able to get MIUI 10 version, then you can try it right now. We have a chance to test this version on our Xiaomi Mi 5 and here are five best new features in our opinion of MIUI 10. Let’s see.

Best New Features In MIUI 10 Version
  1. Gestures

One of the most exciting things in the MIUI 10 is the gestures support. People who are familiar with MIUI will know that Xiaomi rolled out the gesture support in MIUI 9.5 version, but that has never made it out of China. Unlike other Android variants, which the gestures feel like an afterthought, the gestures on MIUI 10 feel native.

In MIUI 10, you not only have the standard swipe up to return home as well as swipe up to access Recents Menu gestures, but you also have the iO swipe from the left edge to go back.

  1. Volume Slider and Notification Shade

Besides imitating iOS, MIUI 10 also takes much inspiration from Android Android P. The MIUI 10 will be overhauling its notification shade as well as volume slider menu that are nearly similar to Android P. the notification shade comes with a bold white background for the Quick Settings Panel, which is not different from what on Android P. The “Volume Menu” also looks different, but it’s almost an exact replica of the one on the Android P.

  1. Picture-in-Picture Mode

The picture-in-picture mode is an inbuilt feature in Android 8.0 Oreo version, but Xiaomi decided not to add it from the MIUI 9 due to some reasons. Thankfully, the feature is now available in the MIUI 10 version. For example, you can quickly reply to a text while watching the video.

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  1. AI Features

AI is the latest buzzword in the technology world and other smartphone manufacturers have been integrating some kind of AI into their devices. In MIUI 10, there will also be a ton of AI-powered features along with Xiaomi’s personal AI voice assistant. First, the “AI preload” feature will help in reducing app’s loading times by learning user’s behavior and actions. If it works properly, it will be possible to predict the app you are going to open and then automatically preload it for you, so you can get it instantly.

Next, there’s also an “AI Portrait mode” which takes advantage of AI to capture pictures with bokeh effect just with a single camera. Google already adds it in its Pixel 2 lineup. Finally, there’s a completely new voice assistant, but it currently works with Chinese dialects

   5. Manage Apps

MIUI 10 version brings a brand new “Manage Apps” page in Security app that allows you to manage all your apps better. Just with a few taps, you can easily check for app updates, find dual apps, as well as check out the permissions granted to apps, delete apps. It will certainly be a handy feature for people who install a ton of new apps on their Xiaomi phone.

These are the best new features in MIUI 10 version in our opinion. Let’s know your thoughts in the comment below.