Best Free Windows 10 Games

The Windows Store comes with a long range of free apps, including amazing games depending on your liking. We have already collected some of the best-rated games for Windows 10 users. Here is a list of the free Windows 10 games that you can download and enjoy.

Sniper Fury

If you are the fan of the action-packed game, Sniper Furry is a great choice for you, where you can kill the bad guys. There will be more than 130 different missions, which you have to aim at your enemies from several locations. Your enemies might be from soldiers to airborne units. There are also rainstorms, sandstorms, and blizzards that you have to face while fighting your enemy. You can also join or create a team with other players for the battles.

Download Sniper Fury

Dragon Mania Legends

You love dragons, this is one of the greatest free games to play on your Windows 10 computer. Besides your own pet dragon, there are also over 350 different species for you to breed. Your mission is watching them, hatching their eggs and looking after them so that they can grow into the beautiful dragons. After that, you can take them on your journey to battle with other dragons. There are special quests and events added in each update, so you can explore more.

Download Dragon Mania Legends

Bubble Witch 3 Saga

The witch Stella comes back and she needs your help to defeat the evil witch Wilbur. Your mission is to save the fairy queen. There are a number of the exciting new game modes as well as new characters. You also have to compete with other friends and check your rank.

Download Bubble Witch 3 Saga

Cooking Fever

It’s a great game where you can express your talent in cooking and prepare food. There are 19 different locations for you to cook the meals and desserts. There are also different cooking techniques and thousands of ingredients. You should also remember to keep upgrading your kitchen to expand the menu so that you can attract more customers. You can also share your new recipes for other players.

Download Cooking Fever

Need For Racing:

It’s a game for those who love the car racing. The latest version comes with 10 different racing modes such as Race, Duel, Survival, Overtake, and more. The asphalt tracks allow you to drive your cars at a very high speed. There is a list of different cars from classic to modern cars for you to choose from and race in the career mode. Besides the asphalt tracks, there are also highways and hills to test your skills. Controls are super easy and you will absolutely have the great feelings!

Download Need for Racing: New Speed on Real Asphalt Track 2

Fallen Souls: Knight War

The dragon lord Leviathan and his monsters are conquering the world. The game is a real war between dragons and mankind. Mankind needs your help to save them and regain the peace in their world. There is also powerful magic for you to control and use when fighting against the dragons. The game allows you to team up with other members as well as fight against other players. Riches treasures are waiting for the best heroes. The Fallen Souls is also one the highest rated games among the free Windows 10 games.

Get Fallen Souls: Knight War

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Run & Gun – Banditos

Run to collect the gold and shoot the enemies on your run. There are also many obstacles coming your way but you have to make your way. In the game, you can choose three different characters or banditos and each one comes with a different set of skills. After collecting the treasures, you can unlock more boosts.

Download Run & Gun – Banditos

Although there are hundreds of free Windows 10 games in Windows Store, here is a list the best games that you should skip. Let’s know your thoughts in the comment below.