ASAP Dash Charger Can Charge your Phone Battery in 5 Minutes

Makers of the ASAP DASH claims that this charger charges 16 times faster than standard portable chargers and boasts a battery life that lasts up to four times longer. It was the result of more than 14 months of work alongside tech and manufacturing experts in China. The new ASAP Dash miniature pocket-charger claims to be the world’s fastest charger and can go from flat to full in just five minutes

ASAP Dash Charger

The superfast charger was invented by Vinson Leow and his colleagues in Sydney. Other rapid charge chargers have a capacity of less than 2,000 mAh. By comparison, ASAP Dash stores 5,000mAh, which means one charge of the device can keep a phone going for more than 48 hours. ‘Our patented fast charge technology puts us miles ahead of the nearest competition both in charge speed and size of the
charger allowing you always be on-the-go,’ said the company.

‘The language used warrants a little explaining,’ Joe Levi, senior editor of Pocketnow, a mobile technology specialist site, told MailOnline. ‘You can charge the portable battery with enough
energy to charge your iPhone 5 in only five minutes  or three charges in 15 minutes. ‘That’s impressive – but it’s still not going to charge your iPhone any faster than plugging it into the wall. ‘This means the ASAP Dash itself can be charged superfast, but will still take your phone the same amount of time to fully charge. Charging batteries can be compared to filing a bucket with water,’ said Levi. ‘If you have a small hose, it will take a long time to fill the bucket, but you won’t spill a drop. If you have a big hose, say a firehose, for example, that bucket might fill in just a second or two but you’ve got to closely monitor and adjust the pressure, or you’re going to get soaked – and the bucket might end up with hardly any water in it. Levi said that ASAP Dash is unlikely to damage phones because ‘at the end of the day, the ASAP Dash is essentially a portable battery with rapid charging built in nothing more.


The company wants you to know that The ASAP Dash charger can provide up to three charges of the new iPhone.

It charges 16 times faster than standard chargers in the market.

The firm claims the superfast charging won’t damage your phone’s battery.

Once the phone is charged, it will stop current coming in to protect it from overcharging.

The main factor that causes phone batteries to drain quickly is when they exceed their battery life cycle.

One cycle is when the battery goes from empty to near full, and each battery will have a finite number of cycles before its time is up. Standard batteries typically offer between 100 and 300 cycles, while top of the range battery packs can last up to 500 cycles. But the manufacturers claim ASAP Dash has a 1,200 battery life cycle.

Most batteries when used every day would only last a year, but the ASAP Dash charger would last over three years even when used seven days a week.